4 Sports You Can Play Without a Ton of Gear

I love being active in sports, but there’s nothing worse than wanting to try a new hobby, buying a ton of gear, and quickly realizing that it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. For that reason, and because I love living a minimalist lifestyle, I’m always looking for fun activities and sports I can try without a large investment. If you’re wanting to try something new to see if it’s for you, or ready to take up a new sport, keep reading for my top 4 sports you can play without a ton of gear.

1. Running
There’s probably nothing that requires less gear than running, because all you need is a good pair of supportive sports shoes, and you’re good to go. If you want to upgrade your running training, you can use a gym membership with a treadmill in the winter, or buy a treadmill for your home. Likewise, you can use apps to help motivate you to push through boundaries and to hit new milestones with your running. You can also choose to enroll in some competitions to get a little more excitement and to have a clear goal.

2. Badminton
Badminton is such a fun sport to take up because you can play with a friend or in small groups and you really don’t need much to get started. You’ll want to invest in a Yonex Badminton Racket and a shuttlecock, some comfortable shoes and you’re good to go. If you’ve never tried badminton before, why not reach out to a friend or go to a club to see if you like the sport before you put any money down. I really enjoy the social aspect of badminton, and you can even see if there are badminton groups locally on social media such as Facebook.

3. Yoga
If you want to be technical, you can probably do yoga with no gear, but a yoga mat isn’t a huge investment and will make your practice so much more comfortable, especially on your knees. If you’re on a budget or wanting to save, you can easily choose to do yoga classes following along on Youtube instead of going to paid classes. If you’re not wanting to invest a lot, you can write to friends and family to see if they have an old yoga mat laying around that they’re not using, or you can pick one up on Facebook marketplace. You’ll just need some comfy clothes and an open mind.

4. Cycling
Of course a bicycle is a large investment, but if you already have one at home then it can be worthwhile turning this into a fun hobby. I suggest getting a phone attachment for your bicycle so you can easily use maps and music while you’re cycling around. Is your work a commutable distance from your home? Maybe you can combine the sport of cycling with the practical need of commuting to and from work or university. With gas prices as high as they are right now, this can be a great way to keep costs down while ensuring you’re looking and feeling fit.

Finding sports you can enjoy without making a huge investment doesn’t have to be a challenge. Be sure to try one of these sports out and see how you feel once you’ve built up a little experience. 

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