4 simple ways to bring an autumnal touch into your home

Autumn is well and truly here. There’s a slight chill in the air at this time of year, but that golden autumnal light pours into your home and still fills it with warmth. Unfortunately, you can’t bottle up that autumnal vibe and place it on a shelf in your home, but there are some other simple ways to add some seasonal flair to your favourite rooms.

Seasonal scents 

The first way you can spruce up your home to match the season outside is with your choice of scents. You can find a great range of autumnal candles which create amazing aromas from warm cookies to gingerbread, cinnamon, pumpkin and spiced orange. Imagine getting curled up on the sofa a mug of hot chocolate in hand, with a warm and bright candle burning away – sounds dreamy right? 

Get cosy

That leads us nicely to our next point: Cosiness. Adding candles is a must, but as well as that, you should add throw blankets and cushions to your room. A faux-fur throw will look amazing draped over the arm of a chair or on the back of the sofa. And on colder evenings, it’s there to keep you warm up. Not a fan of fur? A chunky knitted blanket also makes a statement and can be just as warm and cosy.

Add texture

When adding new accessories to your home, don’t be afraid to mix textures. Add faux-furs, leather and different patterns. It can represent the different textures of autumn, how we have clear blue skies with crisp leaves and chilly air. You can even add texture by adding a rug. Not only will this make the room warmer – perfect for when we head into winter – but it can also add a decoration to your floor and open up a space.

Splash the colour

While you can get the wallpaper or paint out, it’s not essential; you can add splashes of colour to your home without the need for paste or a brush. Autumn brings with it many colours, most typically yellows, oranges, reds and browns in a range of different shades. When you add your cosy items, think about what colours you want to bring in your home and how to use this seasonal palette to good effect. This can be done with your cushions, candles and decorations such as fake leaves or pumpkins. 

Storage for the seasons

Of course, once autumn is over you may want to pack up the decorations, but don’t be too hasty in throwing them away. Instead, think about smart storage. If you have a divan bed with built-in storage, it’s the perfect place to store any out of season decorations or throws. If you don’t have one and are looking for smarter storage, check out Divan Beds Centre for a range of different sized beds with handy built-in storage solutions. Items such as this make switching between the seasons simpler.

There are so many ways to bring a touch of autumn into your home and we hope you enjoy switching up your rooms with this season’s warm colours and cosy comfies.

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