4 Effective Ways to Add a Small Garden to Your Living Space

Whether you’re looking to be more self-sufficient or just want to bring more foliage to your home, a small garden is a great way to do so. Contrary to what you may believe, you actually don’t need a very large space in order to have your very own garden at home. In fact, we’re going to share with you four ways that you can create your very own mini garden today.

1- Containers

One of the most popular ways to start a home garden is with containers. Each container can house one or more plants, depending on its size and the plant species. You can use containers of varying sizes, from a simple takeout container to a large five-gallon bucket. The best part is that these containers are portable so you can enjoy a container garden inside or outside. Many gardeners opt to put these containers on their patios and back porches.

2- Vertical Gardening

Another space-saving gardening method that is catching on is vertical gardening. This type of setup involves using a fence or other supporting structure to hold the majority of the plant’s foliage and crop. You can easily enjoy a growing vegetation patch on the side of your house, garage, or even property fence. This is great for vining plants like cucumbers, cantaloupes, and even beans. With a little ground space and some root training, you can enjoy a vertical vegetable garden in your small space.

3- Hanging Planters

When you want to do a lot of gardening in a small space, hanging planters can be the key. These come in varying sizes and can be hung against a wall. Most come with pockets that you can fill with your favorite potting mix and seeds. Each pocket can produce its own plant, and the vertical hanger allows for foliage to be supported as it grows. More inventive gardeners are using objects like pallets and even PVC piping to create wall hangers for their plants. Whether you go DIY or purchase a hanger from the store, you can enjoy a veggie garden in a small space.

4- Raised Garden Beds

Just because you don’t have a plethora of flat land with viable soil doesn’t mean you can’t have a small garden at your home. Raised garden beds provide the ability to add your very own potting soil above the ground’s surface to a depth of your choosing. Raised beds come in different heights and sizes depending on the needs of your growing space.

They help to provide a flourishing growing environment for spaces that would otherwise not be suitable for growing. These beds can be installed on concrete, patios, gravel, and so much more. You simply need to put down a weed fabric or other barrier to contain your soil mixture in the raised bed.

Starting a small garden can be both a fun and rewarding experience. Don’t let your small living environment keep you from getting your green thumb. By implementing raised beds, containers, hanging planters, and even vertical gardening, you can start growing your garden today.

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