4 Advantages of Using Prepaid Phones While Moving Homes

It’s not uncommon for a lot of homeowners to be overwhelmed by all of the things that come with a move. One way that they can alleviate some of their stress while moving to a new house is by getting a prepaid phone. Here are four advantages of using prepaid phones while moving homes.

1- Saving Money

For those who are in the process of moving, they may be trying to find a way to save some money. They can easily do this by ditching their cellular phone and using a prepaid phone instead. For some families, this can save them hundreds of dollars every single month. They can use the money that they save to pay for things like a moving truck, new furniture, or a deposit on utilities at their new home.

2- Easy to Replace

It can be all too easy to lose or damage your phone when you are trying to make a big move. Your phone could get inadvertently packed inside of a moving box, left behind, or damaged on your moving day. If this does happen and you have a prepaid phone, you can feel at ease because these types of phones are easy to replace. They tend to be fairly inexpensive, so you won’t be out of a lot of money if you do need to replace it.

3- Predictable Costs

A traditional cellular phone often comes with a lot of expenses. You may need to pay for things like excessive data usage or roaming fees. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t know this, and they are often surprised when they get hit with a large bill at the end of the month. You don’t have to worry about this with prepaid phones. Because you pay the costs upfront each month, you won’t have to deal with trying to figure out how to pay a large bill that you didn’t expect to have.

4- Convenience of a Second Number

Have you ever stopped to think about how many people you have to give your phone number to when you are buying a new home? These people include insurance agents, movers, and realtors. While it’s imperative that they have a way to contact you before and during your move, they may also try to solicit additional services even when your move is over. This is where a prepaid phone can come in handy. With a prepaid phone, you can get a different number. You can give out the number to those who are involved in your move rather than giving them your primary cellular phone number. After your move, you can simply deactivate the prepaid phone, and you won’t have to deal with unwanted numbers calling you.

There are a lot of benefits to using a prepaid phone during your move. You aren’t locked into a contract, you can cancel the service, change phones, or upgrade your features at any time. This will provide you with a worry-free way to keep in touch with others during your move. You can also save money.

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