3 Tips to Take Your Home’s Lighting to New Heights

There is a lot that goes into how a home looks and feels. This includes the furniture, the colors, the scents, and the overall design. However, one of the most noticeable and important is your lighting. Your lighting changes how your home looks, feels, and so much more. Making some small changes to your lighting can have some major results.

Also, changing up your lighting is generally quite affordable and can be done quite easily, too. Here are some great tips to take your home’s lighting to new heights.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

One of the simplest and best ways to change how your lighting looks in your home is by getting some new bulbs. If you are still using outdated and old bulbs, they might be using a lot of power, and may not last very long. There are many options, from colored LED bulbs to r7s bulbs that can last for years. The choice is yours and depends on what you are going for in your space.

Many bulbs come in different levels of brightness and color, and modern bulbs use a fraction of the electricity that older ones do. These newer bulbs might be a bit more expensive, but they will pay for themselves over time. Not to mention, they can be left alone for years without needing to be replaced.

Consider Using Dimmers

Another great way to improve your lighting is to try installing a dimmer switch. Being able to dim your lights provides many opportunities for changing how a room feels and looks.

You can turn the lights on full-blast if you are cleaning the space, working, or otherwise want to be energized. If you want to relax or make the space a little more romantic, you can dim the lights within seconds. You can find the exact level of brightness or color you prefer, giving you so much more flexibility than the simple on/off that most lights have.

Dimmers are quite affordable, and their utility certainly makes them a very popular choice. Using a dimmer can also save energy, and can help the bulbs run cooler, too.

While this can be done DIY, if you are uncomfortable with electrical work, an electrician will be able to help you set them up. It shouldn’t take long, and will be fairly inexpensive as far as electrical work goes.

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