3 Cool Ways Semiconductors Are Used Around Your House

You probably think of a semiconductor as something that’s used in powerful computers. Still, the specific electrical properties mean these things are used in more applications than you might know. A conductor lets electricity travel through it, while insulators do not. Semiconductors fall between the two categories, and they’re crucial to several different electronics used in modern-day life. They were discovered in the 1800s, and their transistor predecessors were invented in the 1940s. Radios were a common first application, but they needed massive vacuum tubes. Semiconductors helped make everyday electronics much smaller. Keep reading to learn three cool ways semiconductors are probably used around your home.

1. Appliances

There are more semiconductors in your home than you might realize. Depending on how new they are, every one of your appliances might have some level of semiconductor technology. This technology might include air conditioners, washing machines, microwaves, and even freezers. It’s necessary if they have smart technologies or are connected to the Internet of Things. If you expect multifunctionality, durability, and instant services from your appliances, semiconductors are likely inside of them, making all that happen for you. You can’t see the semiconductors from the outside, but you can rest assured that they’re in there working hard for you every single day.

2. Security Technology

Semiconductor manufacturers can cater to quite a few different technological applications, and security systems are one of them. Microchips can use their digital technology to identify threats and defend against them. Sheer processing power and memory allow security technology to install programs and software to monitor your property and remember your settings. High-caliber semiconductors attached to cameras enable motion detection that might do anything from turn on lights in your yard to recording footage you can review later to see what was going on.

3. Computers

When most people think of semiconductors, they tend to think of microchips in computers. That’s accurate because semiconductors often use binary codes to direct various commands given to or routed through them. These commands can perform tasks such as launching programs, initiating downloads, or saving documents. However, computer applications go past desktop and laptop computers. Semiconductors might take the form of microprocessors, but they can also be used for memory. Some are even graphic processing units responsible for displaying the images you see playing video games via a computer or a console.

The Shortage is Easing

You might recall how a semiconductor shortage happened during the pandemic and caused prices to surge on many things, but there’s now quite a glut in many parts of the economy. That’s good news for industries ranging from passenger vehicles to gaming consoles. Semiconductors aren’t just important to the three household applications listed here; they’re used to some degree in nearly every industry these days. Fortunately, efforts have already succeeded in ramping up production and finding alternative technologies to ease the burden on existing semiconductors. The world relies on them and will continue for quite some time. Because semiconductors are used in many products around your house, you should spend time learning how they work.

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