2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon

The 2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon by Ying Hern Pow is a conceptual luxury vehicle with autonomous capabilities that take interaction between driver and car to the next level.

The futuristic, sleek design takes inspiration from a modern luxury yacht, replicating the design of both the captain’s bridge and lower living deck. Another great feature is the vehicle’s use of Advanced Omniwheel technology which facilitates an easier ride around the city thanks to the increased maneuverability of the wheels.


As Rolls Royce never compromises with its specifications and interior space, the Eidolon Concept takes a step further with even greater dimensions, and yet the omniwheel technology ensures that the Eidolon concept is more maneuverable than a normal sedan.


Featuring Magnetic Pulse coupled with existing omniwheel technology, zero friction drive can be achieved while requiring low energy consumption. Passengers can also enjoy magic-carpet-like ride thanks to the silky smooth Autotraction 2.0 system, which governs the traction level and suspension sensitivity according to varied road conditions.


As manual driving will be outlawed in future, users can opt for semi-auto driving mode while driving with their steering wheel. Steering is passively assisted to facilitate a smooth drive. Cockpit raises to provide greater visibility when a semi-auto driving mode is activated.


By starting to legalise full-autonomous vehicles, the very aim of reducing human errors while operating vehicles will mean that eventually, laws will be passed to abolish manual driving, which renders all current conventional vehicles illegal to drive. But that does not mean that the steering wheels are now irrelevant, as passengers still retain their right to switch between Undriven or Driven mode, albeit in a state of semi-autonomous driving.

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