20 Things to Include if You Want to Transform Your Pole Barn Into an Ultimate Man Cave

A popular trend in home improvements is to build the ultimate man cave for a guy to have a relaxing time alone or with friends separate from the family. But, there is often no room in the house for such a room. One solution is to either build and furnish a new pole barn into a man cave or to renovate an existing pole barn into a man cave. It may be better to have no man cave than to have one that is too small or in a dark, damp basement. So, if the budget allows, transform that pole barn into a great man cave.

Where Do You Go to Get A Pole Building Built?

Minnesota Pole Barns can be built by Sherman Pole Buildings with good designs and affordable prices. but no matter who builds your pole building in Minnesota, there are features that must be there for the perfect man cave. Remember the pole building can be constructed in any size you want or to fit your lot. A smaller building that is well-designed can be very enjoyable.

No matter if you are in Texas, Minnesota, or another state, you can afford one of these post-frame buildings. Once the building is up, it is time to turn it into the ultimate man cave for doing hobbies, watching sports, or just relaxing with friends.

Check out our company or others for time in business and satisfied customers. Look online for good ratings and competitive pricing. When a pole barn will be finished into a man cave, the builder can finish it to your specifications, or you can remodel the pole building as a DIY project. Make sure the heavy lifting and basic structural features are in place before you start the project.

20 Things to Include in Your Man Cave

Why go to the expense and effort to build a man cave if it will not meet your needs? Why make a man cave where you need to make trips to the main house for too many things? Take the time to plan your man cave before starting work. Save the money you will need to do a good job before starting the project. Think about what will be important for your enjoyment of the new space.

1. Refrigerator. This does not need to be a regular size refrigerator. It can be a small apartment or bar size refrigerator as you will mainly be storing liquid refreshments.

2. Comfortable sofa. You need a comfortable place to relax and have friends sit when they visit. You may also invite your children or wife to join you on occasion.

3. Bar with storage and serving space for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks. This can include counter space for mixing drinks and serving them, bar stools, and shelving to store liquor bottles and glasses. A small bar sink would be a nice convenience.

4. Make the building weather-tight with good insulation. Start with a good foundation for your special space. Once the building envelope is constructed, you can add all the fun, personal touches.

5. Include a flat-screen television with the stadium or other viewing chairs that are comfortable. A good TV is essential for any man cave where you want to watch sports and movies.

6. Insist on a sink with running water. Having a sink with running water is important for many reasons. If you are cooking snacks, you need to clean up. If you are working on a hobby such as a vintage car or building furniture, you need to wash up. If you decide to produce art, you will need to clean brushes and hands.

7. A microwave or simple cooking equipment like a small stove will be essential. It will be more convenient to have a small kitchen set up for making both cold and hot snacks and cleaning up afterward. Include some simple dishes for eating and serving those snacks. Whatever you do, do not plan to take your dirty dishes into the house for your wife to wash. And, do not expect her to make snacks and deliver them to you!

8. A Blu-ray player, games, other gaming systems. You need a phone or other means to easily communicate with the main house.

9. Include a desk and comfortable chair for working from home, writing that novel, or inventing the next best thing. With more people working from home, you might need a combination man cave and office.

10. One or more recliners for comfortable seating to read a book, watch TV, or take a short nap will be required.

11. Create space for trophies or taxidermy mounts or other decor items that reflect your personal tastes and hobbies. There are all sorts of ideas for using sports, fishing, or industrial items for shelving, hanging things, or other uses while being decorative. But, yes, you can hang your hunting and fishing trophies on these walls.

12. A tool chest and a man-type building project and repair area, including a work table and storage for hanging tools. You might need to reserve some space for that bicycle, motorcycle, or vintage car, or boat.

13. A bathroom with a sink, toilet, and even a urinal. Why have a special separate space to relax if you have to keep running over to the main house for pit stops?

14. Include a fire pit, grill, and outdoor enjoyment space like a small patio with outdoor furniture. Being able to sit outside and grill is important in the summer. It is also a great place to entertain friends.

15. A heating source like a wood stove, fireplace, or gas or electric heater. This is a space you want to use in comfort year-round without being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

16. A hot tub is a nice extra for relaxing sore muscles or inviting the wife or girlfriend to join you to relax and talk.

17 Decor items that you like such as beer signs, movie posters, musical instruments, and so on.

18. Non-electronic entertainment equipment, such as a pool table, table tennis, card table, and decks of cards. foosball, and a collection of pinball or arcade machines.

19. Use sturdy, easy-to-clean, comfortable flooring. Floors can be painted or covered in vinyl flooring with games such as shuffleboard embedded or painted on them. You should be able to work on even messy projects like cars and be able to clean the floor up afterward.

20. Don’t forget that place to take a nap. This can be the large, comfortable couch, a futon, or a daybed. It can even be that recliner that reclines way back.

Do It Right

From the very beginning of the man cave project, plan to do it correctly by meeting all building and safety codes. Furnish this special building with adequate plumbing, electricity, and HVAC. Choose a theme for the man cave decor that appeals to you. You might like the industrial look, a hunting lodge look, or a movie theater + look. Then, decorate around that look. Before the fun decorating and furnishing starts, make sure the man cave is weather-proof, easy to heat and cool, and equipped with electricity and plumbing for all your needs.

The basics like plumbing and electricity are hard to add later when the floor and wall finishing are all in place. Poor-quality materials and poor workmanship will always spoil the look and resale value of the building. Make it a priority to get the basic building envelope and amenities done correctly. After the basics are complete, you can take your time adding the fun bits to your man cave. Also, if the budget is limited, you can decorate as the funds become available. There is no rush since this is your space.


Yes, invite your children and wife or girlfriend to share the space for special times. The money spent is out of the family budget, so they have an investment in the space. Why not plan a family game night for you and the kids? How about a movie night for the family with popcorn, theater-type treats, and a special movie everyone has been wanting to watch?

Don’t be shy about inviting the guys over to watch a game or play pool or other games. This is a place you can have friends over without inconveniencing the rest of the family.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Your man cave is not a place to escape the world and family all the time. Do not use the space to isolate yourself or get out of being part of your family. You should still spend lots of time in the main house being part of your family and interacting with your lady and the children. You still need to do the home maintenance jobs that are needed, and you still need to spend quality time with your wife.

Money should not be spent on the man cave that is needed for the main house and the wife and children’s needs. A man cave is a lovely extra for a person to relax and have a little quiet time and privacy. It is not a replacement for home and family. Set rules for the time you want to be alone and times the children are welcome to join you. A man cave can also be a she-shed or a children’s playhouse. The building, once finished, can serve many purposes, and it can be divided into his and her spaces if needed. Good planning and communication will always be important.

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