Wooden Shoehorn by Franklin Gaw

Wooden Shoehorn by Franklin Gaw

Last month we featured Franklin’s interesting Fusefones earphone concept. After diving deeper in his portfolio we came across this stunning wooden shoehorn. The product is by no means reinventing the concept but Franklin’s offering is something of pure beauty.

The project was part of a form form study on understanding semantics as well as ergonomics.

Wooden Shoehorn by Franklin Gaw

The intent of this project was to take an everyday tool and redesign it to balance both form, ergonomics, and functionality.

Wooden Shoehorn by Franklin Gaw

Made of a 2x3x12 block of cherry, this shoehorn was made with only four cuts, and incorporates only fair curves throughout its form.

Wooden Shoehorn by Franklin Gaw

My main focus was to design a shoehorn that was truly ergonomic at the grip and utilize an ideal length for putting shoes on, whether the user was standing or sitting.

Wooden Shoehorn by Franklin Gaw

Wooden Shoehorn by Franklin Gaw

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