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The Modern Age Bankers Lamp by The Federal

The Modern Age Bankers Lamp by The Federal

The Federal is an Ottawa-based design service consultancy and producer of unique, Canadian-designed, sourced, and manufactured goods. Their new minimal take on the traditional bankers lamp is perfect for modern offices.

Bankers Lamp via The Federal

We wanted to start experimenting with LED lighting technology and decided that the long traditional bankers desk lamp needed a bit of an update.

Bankers Lamp via The Federal

There are 3 strips of LED’s laminated between 2 pieces of maple ply.

Bankers Lamp via The Federal

This lamination not only helps hide the LED’s, but hide the cable as well.

Bankers Lamp via The Federal

Paired with a 3D printed ceramic base, the lamp has a lightweight visual presence but still hefty physical weight.

Bankers Lamp via The Federal

The ceramic base features a shallow dish to hold pens, keys, phone, etc.

Bankers Lamp via The Federal

Bankers Lamp via The Federal

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