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Living in a Barn

Who wants to live in a barn? Raise your hands! Thought so, but what sounds like stupid idea, turns out to be quite a charming house created by GWSK Arkitekter in Sweden.

Tiny Loft in Taiwan

From the architect: This is a renovation project of an old flat which measures 22 sqm and 3.3m in height. Due to the high housing prices in Taipei City, the living space that young people…

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RevHouse Houseboat

Infinite freedom. Endless possibilities. No compromises. A penthouse lifestyle on the water. Rev House makes every moment unforgettable: from relaxed sundowners to celebratory dinners, weekend getaways and exclusive soirees.

Tiny Attic Apartment in Paris

This lovely renovation of the 161-square-foot apartment is a proof that there is hope for any space, however tiny, to be livable and chic. Studio Batiik transformed a dingy old attic into a light and beautiful pad, inventive…

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Waterlovt Houseboat

Designed and engineered in Holland by experienced boat builders, the Waterlovt Houseboat has a clean, rectangular form that incorporates light woods, steel, and plenty of glass to take in the world around you. It can be equipped…

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Eaglemont House

The Eaglemont House by InForm is a stylish little residence in Eaglemont, Victoria/Australia.

Apartment at Póvoa do Varzim

The use of wood in the Póvoa do Varzim project by Pitagoras Group is very clean and stylish. Layout and decor complement each other, creating a clean environment. Make sure to check out Pitagoras Group Facebook page for more! Description from the…

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Bauhaus Villa

House L, by Stephan Maria Lang, is an L-shaped residence in Munich designed for a young family. Protected from the street by a tall white wall, the energy efficient house is built with concrete core cooling/heating, sun…

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K Residence

Z-AXIS DESIGN renovated this 122 square meter (~1313 square foot) apartment in Taichung, Taiwan. The design involved a new layout and a simple, refreshing scheme that involved white paint, dark wood, and grey concrete walls. The clean palette creates…

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Beautiful interior in this Barcelona house designed by H Arquitectes. Each one of the rooms was individually treated yet carefully connected with the next one, clearly identifying the specific use of each space being all, at…

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San Francisco Condo

The 500 square foot urban residence in San Francisco needed more function so Charles Irby and Peter Suen designed a pre-fabricated loft that packs a multitude of functions into its compact design. The loft system transforms into…

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