Yill – Mobile energy storage unit for the office

Yillis a small, slick, mobile energy storage unit. She can power a modern workstation for two to three days without cords or cables.

Yill stores energy in a rechargable lithium titanium battery, which is much better than conventional lithium ion technology for several reasons: it’s extremely safe, recharges very quickly and has a long operating life.


Yill can supply equipment with up to 300 watts of electricity. Recharging her is simple: just plug her into a charging station that draws power from renewable sources, or into any normal socket. Because Yill offsets peak loads by storing energy from the power grid, she helps integrate more renewable energies into your network.


Many modern communication technologies already work without cords or wires. Fixed wiring is no longer necessary for networks, telephones or the internet. Because Yill stores one kilowatt hour of energy, she makes your workstation’s power source mobile too.



With Yill, elevated floors and socket banks are a thing of the past. And she makes the layout of your workplace extremely flexible. Teams can form quickly and easily where they are needed, even in older buildings or factory lofts.


Yill not only banishes bothersome wiring from the office. She also does a great deal for the environment.


Yill makes floor socket banks a thing of the past. That means you can plan new buildings without the usual elevated floors. So Yill not only reduces construction costs; she also allows for the optimal use of innovative heating and cooling concepts: because there are no double floors or suspended ceilings, the core of the building can be activated to use the structure itself to heat and cool the building.



Up to now, the widespread use of renewable energies in the power grid has been limited, because solar and wind energy fluctuate and are not always available. Modern storage units such as Yill help to increase the share of renewable energies sustainably and significantly: because Yill functions as a storage system in the grid and therefore offsets peak loads, she helps integrate more renewable energies into the grid.

Want one?

Visit the Yill website to find out how.

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