Secrets of Writing Essays from Scratch

Essay writing is one of the compulsory academic tasks and students write different types of essays. Each type is specific in its own way and has its own purpose. Accordingly, it’s easy to compose a certain type but difficult to write another one. The task may be even more complicated if you write from scratch.

Obviously, writing from scratch is more complicated than if you build research on some bits of information. You have nothing, to begin with. Nonetheless, this option provides freedom of action. You’re free to choose a broad topic and afterward, cover a smaller one. It’s a good opportunity to show your original approach and universal concepts. We will teach you how to compete for this task effectively.

The Basics

Before you start to write your essay from scratch according to paper details, undertake some preliminary steps. First of all, you should determine what you want to cover. Think about an interesting discipline, which is important for other people to win attraction. For example, it may be a healthy lifestyle that is sought-after among millions of people. Your success is dependent on how good you know the future topic. Be selective.

Lifestyle is a broad theme. Narrow it to something concrete. To do this, you should generate a list of possible ideas that you may cover. These should be topics that make you enthusiastic and simultaneously captivate the attention of your potential readers. Consider the following directions:

  • Bad habits;
  • Healthy products;
  • Physical exercises;
  • Immunity;
  • Environment;
  • Mental health;

These are only a few suggestions. You may have more. After you brainstorm possible options, you should make the final decision. For example, choose “How to Reduce Fat without Causing Harm to the Body?” This is a good and popular theme, which is hotly debated among different experts. You have a chance to make your own contribution to the solution of this issue.

Once you decide on the topic, start searching for information. You should choose the appropriate data carefully. It should be relevant and not out-of-date. Make sure the informative sources you wish to use can be trusted.

The next step is to create an outline. It is needed to organize the working process. Some writers get stuck because their notes are so messy. You need a clear and logical sequence of actions. An outline serves this purpose. Include the main parts of the writing and fulfill them. These are:

  • Introduction;
  • A thesis statement;
  • Main body;
  • Conclusion;
  • List of references;
  • Revision;

Afterward, you may go on to the writing stage.

Writing Your Paper

You should not rush and try to hit the target at once. In other words, don’t write the original. You’d better start with a draft. Drafting helps to see the picture big and understand what should be fixed and what even eliminated from the text. You don’t have to stick to general recommendations, keep an eye on grammar and structure. Simply write as you wish and see what you manage. Afterward, polish your initial drafts.

The introductory section carries a function similar to the title. You make your readers familiar with your project. Of course, the introduction will be longer and more informative. Provide some interesting data about your topic to give your readers some notion of your purpose.

“Excess weight is a common problem of many generations. Scientists have proved that this is not a cosmetic problem only. It is likewise a medical issue because it contributes to the development of various diseases and some of them are actually dangerous for our life”.

After you have triggered the attention of your audience, implement a thesis statement. This is the last sentence of your intro. “Many people desperately try to put off excess weight but they harm their own health in different ways and it’s needed to find an effective solution to make it safely”.

The next part is to compose the main body paragraphs. They should support your main argument. The standard essay has three body paragraphs. Each of them has to provide one sub-argument related to the thesis statement. Thus, the first one may give an enumeration of different diseases that may occur due to excess weight. These are diabetes, illnesses of the cardiovascular system, some forms of cancer, etc.

The second paragraph may cover typical mistakes made by inexperienced people who try to get rid of fat stores. The third one should provide effective and safe measures to reduce body fat without danger to our body and health.

Your conclusion should summarize the entire project. It cannot be long. Three or five sentences will be enough. Mention your thesis once again in other words. Show the results and interpret them. Express your own option concerning your research.

The Last Lap

After you finish writing, you have two more tasks to complete. Firstly, compose a reference list. You should follow the academic demands of the assigned writing style. It may be APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. You ought to be careful. There are differences among writing formats and some of them aren’t that obvious. If you compose this list incorrectly, you will lose important grades.

It’s needed to revise your paper. This is a pretty boring part of writing. Nonetheless, it is very important. You may make many awful mistakes and won’t even notice them when you write. When you reread, you’ll be more attentive. Check grammar, punctuation, spelling and similar typical errors.

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