Why UpNest is the Next Real Estate Behemoth

The real estate industry today is a perfect relic of a different era. As stakeholders in this constantly growing industry, we have witnessed a sweep of changes as far as technology is concerned. Who would have imagined that there would come a time when landing a befitting real estate agent would be such a breeze? Well, here we are, and real estate companies like UpNest are on the verge of redefining the real estate market place by offering unique and upscale services.

About UpNest

The real estate domain is wired in such a way that hiring an agent is a rule of thumb. While this is usually in the best interest of the client, sometimes the costs are too high. In the past, clients have had to grapple with agent commissions being as high as 6 % of the total sales (Not Profits). Since its inception, UpNest is seemingly the real estate’s knight in shining armor.

UpNest is an online real estate agency whose flagship is to provide home sellers and buyers with the most experienced agents at very cost-effective rates. 

UpNest operates throughout the United States with its main offices are located both in California and Indiana. Using the platform, top-rated real estate agents are able to secure worthy businesses, and concurrently, homebuyers and sellers are able to acquire excellent services that are worth digging deep.

UpNest partners with thousands of prized realtors and connect them with equally high-quality clients, and for this reason, this establishment is rising to towering altitudes in real estate. 

What Makes UpNest Stand Out?

As the home seller or buyer, UpNest puts you at the driver’s seat, hence making you in charge of the whole process. 

We are living in times when economic waters are not as tranquil, and therefore, the demands for transparent dealings have shot up. No one seems to take this to heart like UpNest’s founder Simon Ru. From their website, every client is able to have a picture of the exact amounts they will be paying upfront. Besides comparing the commissions of different agents, UpNest also offers their clients commission refunds from the agents’ rates. How good is that? 

Being a tech-oriented real estate company, it continues to secure tangible savings for its homebuyers and sellers all over the United States. So far, they have relinquished $30 million in total savings to home sellers in America. Their system hinges on strong analytics of realtors’ expertise, hence using their platform enables you to work with sharpened agents who are equally competing for your business. Typically, the experience levels of their agents averages at 20 years, hence they assure you of the finest pick. Their fair conversion rates also attract well-intentioned real estate agents, making it a win-win.

The company has made tones of progress since its inception back in 2013, making it acquire a couple of well-deserved recognitions. 

In 2018, UpNest earned a spot in Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, and one year later, the growth is eminent in their increasing clientele base.  Between 2015 and 2018, for example, their revenue catapulted by a fine margin of 1078%. Between this same period, UpNest also contributed immensely to home purchases, facilitating about $ 4 billion in this regard. 

Having been recognized by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 two years in a row, the future remains bright for this real estate disruptor. 

Thanks to their unique method of service production, UpNest attracts high-quality agents determined to scale their real estate careers to great heights. As home buyers and sellers continue choosing the easier path, UpNest is likely to experience explosive growth rates.

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