Why Make Your Bathroom Stalls Private

f you have a restaurant or eatery that gets a lot of business and you have the money to invest in an upgrade, installing private bathroom stalls is a great investment.

There’s a huge number of different upgrades you can install in your restaurant washroom but one of the best investments is installing private stalls. Private stall bathrooms are becoming the norm and customers expect that type of luxury at places where they spend their money.

It’s a fact—Renovations provide big returns and if you’re thinking about a washroom upgrade, here are the top 5 reasons you should consider investing in private bathroom stalls at your restaurant or eatery: 

1. Total Privacy Makes for Comfortability

When patrons need to use the bathroom for virtually any reason, there’s absolutely nothing like having complete privacy. No one wants anyone to know what business they’re taking care of when they’re going to the bathroom. No one wants people peering in between cracks in the doors, staring at feet, or accidentally opening the door. When a customer or patron has complete privacy, it increases the positive experience they have at your business. There’s nothing that replaces that kind of comfortable feeling.

2. It’s Cheaper in the Long Run

Solid doors, solid walls, and strong door locks don’t fail. They last decades. Those typical flimsy stall doors and locks fail all the time and get put pushed and bent out of shape quite easily. Years of repair costs can add up and malfunctioning doors or bent stalls only make your restaurant look cheap, and frankly like you don’t care about your customers. This is a great example of why private stalls are better – they’re strong, last longer and customers appreciate them.

3. Patrons Notice & Respect Your Business More

When your customers pay attention to your washroom to do their business, they’ll notice the difference in the type of bathroom facilities you’re providing them. A nice solid set of walls to do their business in is really all they’re looking for and when you provide this level of privacy and customization to a customer, they remember—they respect you more. They respect you more and they respect your business more.

4. Sturdy and Privacy-Related Bathrooms Help the Handicapped

Another subset of your customers will respect you more too because you’ve taken the needs of handicapped people in mind. Private washrooms are usually built with cement, bricks or drywall which provides a sturdiness that handicapped people need and feel comfortable with. Typical bathroom stalls are thin pieces of metal that won’t ever be able to offer the level of stability that hard walls will. Private bathroom stalls also allow you to add more functionality to a handicap-fitted stall. These extra features make your patrons feel comfortable and most importantly it makes them feel like they have privacy.

Sometimes it’s not that easy for a person with a wheelchair to go to the bathroom, and it can be especially embarrassing. With strong sturdy and private walls, people with disabilities can get peace knowing no one can see what they’re doing or how they’re struggling, or even if someone is in there helping them.

5. Increase the Value of Your Restaurant

This is a no-brainer. A high-end, solid, sturdy bathroom stall will increase the value of your establishment—not only monetarily—but with cloud and credibility too. Sure, if you decide to sell your restaurant or eatery, you’ll bank a few extra dollars because a renovated washroom ads value, but you’ll also attract a higher-end crowd that can afford to spend money there. People love private bathrooms and when it shows that you can for your customers, they will care for you too.

What to Do Next

Your next step is if you’re serious about washroom upgrades for your bathroom, you need to put together a budget and a plan. Once you have those two arranged, contact a professional renovation company that works with restaurants. They’ll be glad to give your commercial washroom a makeover and you’ll be happy you decided to do so.

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