Which Flooring Option Is Right For Your Home?

Although many homeowners don’t think about flooring, according to CNN, refinishing hardwood floors and installing new hardwood flooring has the highest return on investment of any home remodelling projects. Although it can seem like an area with very limited options for innovation, there are countless flooring options. If you’re thinking about remodelling, flooring is the best place to start. Let’s look at what your best options are.


Hardwood is the gold standard of flooring. Hardwood is resilient, and long-lasting. If you mix it with a beautiful rug and great furniture, you can create a wonderful aesthetic. 

Source: From the Forest

Hardwood comes from dicot trees. Hardwood trees grow in broad-leaved temperate and tropical forests. So you have a broad range of options that you can pick from.

Full Coverage Painting & Flooring says that you want to choose hardwood flooring that is already finished, given that finishing helps to protect the flooring from stains and any impact it suffers.

Homeowners who want to choose an environmentally-friendly solution should look for hardwood flooring that comes with a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFC) certification.


Bamboo is the wood of choice in Asia. Bamboo is really a family of evergreen perennial flowering plants. As such, it also comes in a variety of types. In the last decade or so, bamboo has become more popular in the United States and other Western countries. It shouldn’t be a surprise that bamboo has a higher moisture resistance than hardwood.

Ceramic Tile

Many people think of ceramic tiles as belonging on walls, or a backsplash, but it can be a great ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are very beautiful flooring options. 

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Ceramic tiles are flexible and can fit into basically any interior decor style. If you want it to, you can get ceramic tiles that have the look of wood or stone.

Porcelain tiles are your best bet. Ceramic tiles are, generally, very durable, and resistant to scratching, and dents. Ceramic tiles are obviously also moisture resistant. Porcelain tiles don’t require a lot of maintenance. If you need to clean any spillage, you’ll find it easy to do so.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is good for homeowners who have a low budget and still want to have quality flooring. You can get laminate flooring, which can be used over ceramic tiles. A lot of laminate flooring looks like natural wood.Laminate flooring is easy to install, which is important for many homeowners who don’t have the luxury of a long installation process. However, the top layer of laminate flooring wears out over time. Furthermore, it can disintegrate due to moisture. You have to take a lot of care to keep laminate flooring at a good level.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring looks good and is also a very durable flooring option. Vinyl flooring is so easy to install that, if you have a flat, clean floor, you just have to lay it out over your ceramic tiles, to install. There are a variety of vinyl flooring types, such as peel-and-stick; interlocking, and self-adhesive vinyl flooring.

Vinyl tiles are easy to maintain, and you can get water-resistant vinyl tiles that look like wood or stone.

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