Which Air Purifier Is Right For You?

As a homeowner, it’s important to not only keep your living space clean but also to be mindful of your air quality. The culprits that cause allergies, asthma attacks, sore throats, and congestion symptoms are living in your HVAC system. There are many factors to consider before deciding which air purifier is best for your home, so take some time to think about your needs first.

Allergies and Asthma

You want to make sure that the air within your home is not causing any breathing issues to you or your guests. Even if you’re not suffering from allergies, asthma, or any other breathing issues, your guests or pets could still be affected by polluted air. A HEPA filter might be your best option if this is a concern for you. 

You want to be sure that if you choose this option, you’re using a filter that has been tested and certified to meet HEPA standards. Some companies advertise that the filter is made with HEPA filter media, but that does not mean that they have been tested and certified. 

Viruses, Bacteria, and Dust Mites

A newer type of air purifier that recently came to the market is the UV Air Purifier, which uses ultraviolet light to kill off any viruses, bacteria, or dust mites that might be living in your air. Since it uses a light to filter your air, you don’t have to worry about the filter clogging and leaving your air more polluted than before.

A UV Air Purifier is not very energy efficient because the air in your home needs to be circulating through your HVAC while the light is on to purify it. You also need to replace the light at some point, so be sure to talk to your service provider about installation and repair options.  

Bad Odors

The best way to remove bad odors from your home is to utilize an ozone generator. The oxygen that we breath is made up of two oxygen atoms that are attached, and an ozone generator creates ozone which is three oxygen atoms that are attached. This helps to remove odors because that third oxygen atom can detach itself and re-attach to odor-causing molecules to eliminate them. 

You should be aware that ozone can be harmful to those with breathing issues or young children and can cause lung damage if too much is inhaled. Be sure to do your research before deciding on this option. It is recommended that you run your ozone generator while you’re away from home, like at work or school. This is to be sure that the ozone has dissipated without running the risk of anyone inhaling too much.  

The air quality is different in every home, and you should take some time to consider your needs before choosing an air purifier. Many factors can cause polluted air — such as how many people live in your home, if you have any pets, or if anyone living with you has illnesses — so be sure to think it over and do your research before choosing one.

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