What it is Like to Work in Interior Design

Interior designing is a very popular career and reading this article will give a better outlook on what it takes to become an interior designer and what it’s like to be an interior designer. Watching channels like HGTV has probably sparked an interest in becoming an interior designer; Seeing them create beautiful homes from nothing can make it feel like it is something anyone can do, but not many people know what it takes to actually get to be like those people that you may see on the TV shows.

Education: Most people, like entrepreneur Shalom Lamm, that are interested in interior design will often go to school and get an associates or bachelors degree in a related field. This includes Art and Design school or an interior design program. This will help to learn the ins and outs of interior designing and the other other ways they can use an interior design degree than just decorating houses.

Where do they work? When most people think of interior designers they think of them renovating houses, but that is not all they are qualified to do. There are a wide range of fields that may need an interior designer. Health care for example; when building hospitals or clinics someone will hire an interior designer to help with the renovations of offices, patient rooms, or the overall hospitals. This is to ensure that the hospital is nice for the patients and everyone that works there. Another way they can be used is a sustainable designer. These designers are responsible for improving the energy intake for the house and making it more environmentally friendly. interior designers can also be used as a universal designer, it is their responsibility to make things easier for people. This can include adding a handicap rail for people to use or making it safer for kids to play on the playground.

What does the day to day job consist of? Being an interior designer there are a lot of duties expected of you. Shalom Lamm has always had an interest in interior design so it makes these tasks easy. Some of the things that are expected would be to search for new projects. As an interior designer jobs do not always come easily, being proactive and looking for your next project is how you will get most of your work. Being able to work with people and giving them what they want and also being able to come up with new ideas about a project is another thing you must do as an interior designer. Interior designers must also know how to sketch the layouts and design ideas for their client to see and gather thoughts on those ideas.

Lamm and most interior designers pride themselves on being very creative people. Being able to think outside of the box is very important. The last thing that interior designers have to do is to be able to market themselves. Other people may be competing for the same job. It is important that you show why your work will give them exactly what they want.

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