What is the Latest Trend in Bedroom Furniture?

Out of all the different rooms in the house, the bedroom is probably the place that we most want to feel comfortable and centred in.

For this reason, bedroom furniture is routinely selected to be as cosy as possible, and to help with drifting off to sleep, enjoying the morning’s first cup of coffee in luxury, reclining on a lazy weekend with Netflix, and more.

Of course, just because you want your bedroom to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be stylish, interesting, and visually appealing, as well.

By exploring the latest trends in bedroom furniture, you can get the best of both worlds.

Here’s a look at some of the latest trends in bedroom furniture that can help to transform how you relate to the space.

Bringing the outdoors indoors

These days, more and more people are feeling the call of the great outdoors and are experiencing a sense that it’s important to be more in touch with nature, and to live in a more ecologically minded way.

One of the growing trends in interior decor and home design in general, is a more minimalist and nature-inspired design ethos, and this ethos is certainly making its way to the bedroom as well.

Think in terms of simple, rustic and stylised wooden furniture, such as coffee tables made from a sliced tree trunk ring, for example.

Pot plants, hanging leaf features, and other items of furniture that help to make the room feel a bit more like a forest seem set to grow in popularity, as well.

And while you are looking at items of furniture inspired by the great outdoors, why not also check out feel-good features that can help you to get a better night’s sleep and breathe easier, such as sunrise alarm clocks, and standing HEPA air purifiers.

Zen and The Art of Bedroom Maintenance

In recent years, movements promoting minimalism, mindfulness, and the Marie Kondo ethos of “sparking joy” in the home have all experienced tremendous popularity, and have begun to significantly influence what we expect from our homes, and how we are starting to decorate and ornament them.

This desire for a living space that allows us to still our minds and experience a bit of peace, harmony, and balance, has dovetailed to some degree with the already toned-down “Scandinavian noir” aesthetic, resulting in a growing trend that emphasises simplicity, empty spaces, clean lines, small items of furniture, and lack of clutter.

For the bedroom, low-profile bed frames, “hidden” closets and wardrobes, small side tables, and sleek items of furniture in glass, polished metal, and white and black wood are increasingly sought after.

Above all, the “Zen” approach to a bedroom includes symmetry, simplicity, order, and as much open space as possible. The idea here is that your racing mind should almost automatically calm down once you enter the room.

A touch of hotel-style luxury

All too often, bedrooms end up getting a lot less attention and respect they deserve, simply because they are the rooms in the house which are most likely to be “out of sight” of any guests who might be stopping by, while at the same time being places where we primarily sleep and lounge around.

More and more, though, people are waking up to the importance of taking their bedroom-based lounging around more seriously, and are designing their bedrooms to be luxurious – places that have more in common with an upmarket hotel room than with a neglected “space to sleep.”

After all, if you’re going to take it easy, you might as well take it easy in style.

Large elegant headboards, under-mounted lighting, luxurious duvets, varied textures, and even leather armchairs are all the sorts of things you can expect to find more and more of in the bedrooms of those who aren’t afraid to spoil themselves a bit.

Low-tech and homely

As “smart tech” grows in popularity, and our homes are increasingly filled with devices that can play our favourite music, or dim the lights, at a simple voice command, more and more bedrooms are likewise resembling something out of a sci-fi film.

One interesting trend is a pushback against the high-tech bedroom approach that strives instead to recapture the homely interior design aesthetic of yesteryear.

Some of the items of furniture associated with this trend include antique hardwood bed frames and chests of drawers, cosy blankets and cushions, and low standing bookcases, among other things.

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