What are the many benefits of using hardwood floors?

Many homeowners embark on home remodeling projects for changing the flooring because they may not be happy with it. The kind of budget you have determines what type of floor you can afford. There are some other considerations like the room where you want to change the flooring, whether it is wet or dry, and the extent of use that has a link to its longevity.  Above all, the look and feel are also critical because it must be aesthetically pleasing.

If you have the budget and the flooring is for the bedroom or living room. The experienced general contractors EJD would recommend wooden flooring or hardwood flooring, which is by far the best choice despite being somewhat expensive because it is the cleanest and safest flooring option.  The upfront high cost is more than compensated with the returns you get from the flooring in terms of usability and longevity as well as creating healthy interiors.  

What the benefits are will become clear on going through this article.

Unmatched beauty and value

Since the cost considerations seem to override other factors, it is safe to say that you get much more than what you pay for by installing hardwood flooring because of its unmatched beauty that never goes out of style. Moreover, you can select the colors, grain patterns and designs by altering the type of wood that gives the flooring a unique look. Hardwood floors add much value to the property as it could be the only reason why buyers are ready to pay a premium when you are selling the home. 

Environment-friendly choice

As people are growing more environmentally conscious, hardwood floorings are gaining popularity because it is a renewable flooring material. There is no shortage of hardwood in the US because the net annual growth for hardwoods is more than the average removal rate of hardwood trees. Manufacturing wood floors require less water and energy and being recyclable is an extremely sustainable product. Besides enhancing the home aesthetically, the returns from hardwood floors are higher due to its extremely high longevity as it can last for a century or even more.

Safe and clean

Among all other floor types, hardwood is a more sanitary option because unlike carpets that accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and debris and become potent health hazards; hardwood floors are highly clean and safe. As dust and dirt do not penetrate inside the hardwood floor as it does in carpets, cleaning wood floors is easier too. Chances of allergic attacks are non-existent with hardwood floors.

Low maintenance

Carpet cleaning is a cumbersome exercise and costly. But with hardwood floors, you do not have any cleaning problems due to the sealed surface that has a protective layer that resists stain and prevents dust accumulation.  With minimal maintenance, wood floors can last for years, it is repairable, and you can refinish it.

Moreover, there is no fear of scratching, scraping, denting and other damage when used in high traffic areas.  Never would there be any need to replace wood floors. 

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