Turning a Fixer Upper Home into a Minimalist Sanctuary

There are a lot of TV shows that make the prospect of home renovation seem exciting and enjoyable, and while it has some good aspects, it can be hard work. If you love the minimalist style, you may want to turn an older home into a sleek minimalist sanctuary, but you may be wondering how to do this. Here are some tips to start you on your renovation journey. 

See what you can DIY and work out costs

A fixer upper can be anything from a home with décor that’s stuck in the 80s to an abandoned property without electric or running water. Obviously, the latter will be a lot cheaper, but then you have to factor in contractor costs and the longer time to get it safe for habitation. Before you put in an offer, assess the costs involved with a fixer upper, not so much with the decorative stuff, but with getting it to a safe, liveable standard.  

It’s always a good idea to budget more than you’ll need. Once you start renovating an old house, all sorts of issues can be thrown up. You may find faulty wiring, or you may find pests nesting in the basement; in which case, click here to find out how to get rid of them. Whatever happens, a cushioned budget will make things less stressful. 

Work around the home’s features

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean opting for a modern look, although many minimalist homes certainly have a contemporary vibe. You can still make the most of the original features of the house, from sash windows to open fireplaces, but can replace them with newer, more functional options. 

Create lots of storage space

While the idea of minimalism is to get rid of as much ‘stuff’ as possible, you’ve still got to live your life every day in this house, and you need to keep hold of practical items. There are many ways to create storage, without taking away from the minimalist vibe. For example, you could choose a bed with storage underneath and keep your sheets there or find a coffee table with drawers to neatly store your tablet, glasses and coasters. Just make sure that adding storage doesn’t mean you fill it with useless items. 

Go for neutral tones

A fixer upper is a blank canvas for you to add your own style, and if you love minimalism, then you can opt for beautiful light, neutral rooms without the usual distractions. Don’t make every room stark white without any personality, unless that’s your thing, as you’ll feel like you’re living in an interior design magazine. Make up for the lack of bold colors with luxe textures to add interest to the room.

Do one room at a time

When you move into a fixer upper, you may feel like there’s a big rush to get everything done in one go. You may end up doing the entire house in one style, only to regret it later. Once the place is safe and livable, focus on one room at a time. Living spaces and bedrooms are often the easiest places to try the minimalist looks, and as you do different rooms, you’ll find styles that you love and start to learn more about interior design. 

Author: There’s not much Lucy doesn’t know about her two passions: fashion & interior design! Having worked in the fashion industry for six years, she has a keen eye for all things on-trend, with a focus on new developments in both the interior design world and on the world’s catwalks.

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