Top Tips When Picking an Architect for your Home Build

Deciding to build a home instead of purchasing one that has already been built is a reasonable decision. Not only do you have more control regarding what your home will look like but, in many cases, it can be cheaper to build your own home.

However, in order to build a home, you need approval and that means having plans to submit for approval. These must be accurate and drawn to scale, that’s a job for an architect. Naturally, the architect is a good choice to help you design the house as they can advise what is physically and structurally possible.

You are going to need to choose a good architect, the following will help you.

Choose A Custom Build Firm

You don’t need to use a custom build firm but if you choose a reputable specialist in custom-built homes you’ll find that they have architects in-house and can handle all aspects of the build for you.

Don’t forget, the architect does more than help you design your perfect home. They can also help supervise the build and they will have plenty of ideas and inspiration for you that can help you think of things you may otherwise have missed.

Because they are part of the custom build business they will also be able to ensure you get the fastest possible and highest-quality build.

However, if you choose to look for your own architect, consider the following.


The first thing you should establish is how good is their reputation. You’ll want to speak to family and friends to see if they have any experience dealing with a particular architect. This can help you to formulate a genuine opinion regarding whether you want to work with them or not.

It is also a good idea to check with social media. There will be plenty of people who have used your potential architect and will be happy to share their opinion and story. This can be an invaluable source of information.

You can also look at online forums to get an honest view of how good an architect really is.

Ease Of Communication

Once you have narrowed the field of potential architects you’ll want to arrange a meeting with each one. During this you need to feel comfortable, happy to express your opinion, and that your opinion is being taken into consideration.

This will give you confidence in the architect and that the house you build is the one you want. If you are not comfortable with the architect when you meet them, use another one!


The main point of having an architect is that you can have one point of contact to deal with all the issues of your custom build. That means you need to be able to get hold of them easily. Test this while deciding on an architect and, at the same time, you’ll be able to assess how good their customer service is.

Then, when you have all the information, go with your gut!

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