Top Reasons For Using Square Skirting Boards

Skirting boards have become one of the most affordable decorative elements whose goal is to complement interior home décor. Besides their modern design, these elements have proven to be beneficial in the fight against moisture and mold, the most common household problems. 

Despite the wide range of baseboards in the market, square skirting boards are considered to be the most elegant and affordable solution. These models provide homeowners with a simplistic design, which is easy to install, maintain, and clean. 

In case you are still hesitating about purchasing a square skirting board, the following benefits will persuade you to make the right decision. 

No size limitations

One of the key reasons for installing square skirting boards in your home is facing no size restrictions. This type of baseboards is the ideal choice for homeowners whose goal is to achieve a minimalistic look of a particular room. Owing to the absence of molding and their minimalistic design, square skirting boards make rooms seem more spacious by placing the focus of visitors on the entire room, not the baseboards themselves.

Moreover, in the case of baseboard moldings, you have to be extremely cautious regarding the size. Selecting a high skirting board increases the risk of losing its design, which is unfavorable for homeowners. Fortunately, square baseboards with no molding pose no height restrictions, thus being the perfect solution for homeowners who aren’t fond of doing size calculations. 

Easy installation

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using square skirting boards is being surprisingly uncomplicated to install, requiring no particular skills on the part of homeowners. You are only supposed to insert the two corners of the baseboard together, thus wasting no extra time or physical effort.

Furthermore, painting your square skirting board involves no particular effort due to the lack of ornate details. Make sure you select a color that matches your interior décor in order for the baseboard to fit perfectly in the room. You won’t have to worry about drip marks, as these skirting boards enable the paint to be both applied and removed effortlessly. Visit this page for some helpful tips on painting baseboards. 

Compliment all interior décor styles

Another incredible reason for purchasing a square skirting board is being sure that it will compliment your interior design. These products come in a variety of designs that fit every type of home environment, regardless of the furniture and patterns of rooms. Their simplistic look makes square baseboards capable to blend in everywhere without standing out. 

The only problem that you might face when looking for a particular model is the inability to select one due to the extensive range of traditional and contemporary variants. Nevertheless, bear in mind that any model would be suitable for your home décor, as these baseboards have the power to adapt to any environment. Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned about making the wrong choice. 

Low maintenance

Low maintenance is yet another beneficial reason for preferring square skirting boards to the other models. Baseboards are infamous for attracting dust and dirt, particularly the models with a myriad of ornate details. The more intricate details a skirting board has the harder it is to clean. Luckily, the square models are entirely flat, thus requiring a single wipe to become spotless. Additionally, you won’t need any acid or soap for the cleaning process, as stains are easily removed. 

In terms of longevity, these baseboards are amazingly durable, being more prone to dents and cracks than the other types. Therefore, they could be installed in kitchens, living rooms, and all the other busy areas in the house without constantly worrying about their condition. In the case of damage, a little paint and filler are enough to get the damage repaired.

Affordable prices

Square baseboards are undoubtedly the lowest-cost variant of these products in the market. These styles are considerably cheaper due to the lower manufacturing costs. Unlike the other styles, these models have no additional design, thus being inexpensive to produce and sell. 

Wrap up

Installing such decorative elements will finally provide your home with the minimalistic look you always wished for.

It’s an affordable, highly convenient, and modern solution!  

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