Top 4 Most Dangerous Stinging Insects And How To Avoid Them

Being stung by an insect is never a pleasant experience. Alongside the pain of the sting, there is the risk of infection. This can be from bacteria that cause an infection at the sting site or from diseases that the stinging insect is carrying.

Of course, in some cases, the sting can cause a more serious allergic reaction that can even be life-threatening.

One thing is certain, if you have stinging insects near your home it is worth speaking to a professional to have them taken care of. You can book a check over here.

Before you take a look at the most dangerous stinging insects it is worth noting that the Schmidt pain index is often used to describe how painful a sting is. It rates them from zero to four, with four being the most painful.

  1. Wasps

There are several different species of wasps and the sting is not pleasant from any of them. However, the paper wasp registers a three on the Schmidt scale, making it worth noting. It has been described as spilling acid on your skin and it will often trigger a bitter taste in your mouth.

It’s worth noting that the paper wasps cousin, the warrior wasp offers a more severe sting, rated as four on the scale and described as torture If you’re stung by one of these medical help is advised. 

  • Tarantula Hawk

The tarantula hawk also scores a four on the Schmidt scale. In fact, this is technically a wasp and it lives in desert areas of the US. The good news is that it is named after its love of tarantula blood, making humans a poor substitute. That reduces the likelihood of getting stung.

In fact, the tarantula wasp can paralyze a tarantula with its venom, it’s this that causes the pain when they sting you although thankfully it won’t paralyze you. These wasps have dark bodies and bright wings, making them comparatively easy to spot.

  • Red Harvester Ant

The Red Harvester Ant is fairly common in the southern United States. It is, unsurprisingly, red in colour but is still hard to spot as they build nests underground with just a small hole being visible. It injects a tiny amount of venom when it stings. It won’t cause significant damage but it does feel like a hole is being bored into your skin, warranting a three on the Schmidt scale.

  • Bullet Ant

The bullet ant is often described as the most dangerous stinging insect in the world. It scores a solid four on the Schmidt index, it feels like the spot is throbbing and burning at the same time. The pain can last for twenty-four hours.

It’s best to wash the sting area and add a baking soda paste to the area to help reduce inflammation.

Naturally, it’s better not to be stung. That’s why you should find out more about your local pest specialist and have them remove any nests you are concerned about.

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