Tools Contractors use to keep homes standing for decades

Power and hand tools present a host of potential hazards such as electrical shock, flying objects, punctures, falling objects and laceration. Everybody is familiar with the most common tools contractors use daily to keep homes standing, but there are some more rare tools that can save a considerable amount of money and time if you can have them in the right place in the right time. 

In this guide of uncommon tools, like sieve shakers, you will find some tools that will save your day.

1. Blowtorch

Blowtorch is a fuel-burning tool which is used for applying heat and flame to various applications like metalworking. Modern blowtorches are gas-filled while early blowtorches used liquid fuel carried in the reservoir attached to the lamp but their basic design has not changed in the past century.

2. Non-Contact Voltage Tester

A non-contact voltage tester is an easiest and safest way used by contractors to make sure the power is off by noticing the changing of the electric field around objects. The tester will light up or will make noise when it comes close to a hot (live) wire without touching it. It lets technicians sustain productivity without risking potential electrical shocks.

3. Line Laser Level

The line laser can beam multiple horizontal and vertical lines with the most accurate laser level. But it is more accurate over long-distance. It is good for heavy-duty jobs and outdoor work. Some laser light can also project a beam of light which is a single dot of light at 360degrees vertically or horizontally. The generated laser may be red or green depending on its wavelength.

4. Oscillating Multi Power Tool

We use these tools through a softwood, hardwood, plywood, and, for good measure, nail-embedded hardwood materials. It is used for both metalworking and woodworking purposes from sawing to sanding, scaring, or grinding.  This multipurpose power tool is ideal for the tasks such as flush cuts, grout removal, and trim cuts.

5.. Metal Tag Stamping and Marking Machine

Metal tag stamping machines can produce debossed or embossed letters and number characters typically on metal tags by using a laser beam to produce high-quality characters, graphics, and barcodes.

Some dot peen marking machines are capable of producing 2 Dimensional data matrix metal tag or barcode that can be scanned with 2D data matrix barcode.

6. CNC Router

A Computer Numerical Control Router (CNC) is used to produce items such as exterior and interior door cravings, wood panels, decorations, signboards, moldings, wooden frames, musical instruments and furniture by computer-controlled cutting machines.

Furthermore, they also helps in the thermoforming of plastics by automating the trimming process.

7. Hammer Drill 

Hammer drill is a type of rotary drill with hammering motion used chiefly for drilling the hard materials. It is excellent for drilling masonry. It can drill a hole or two in a concrete block with a masonry bit by producing a pounding force that makes them extremely effective at blasting through masonry.

8. Tunnel Boring Machine

A tunnel boring machine (TBM) is a machine used to excavate tunnels in an alternative to blasting and drilling methods through a variety of soil and rock with a circular cross-section. TBM is used to bore anything from hard sand to rock. TBMs also have other benefits besides digging. It prevents the ground from collapsing under its weight. The technique is much more efficient, safest, and cost-effective and results in a shorter project.

9. Multi-Bit Screwdriver 

A screwdriver is a tool used for unscrewing (removing) or screwing (installing) screws. A ratcheting portion of a screwdriver helps make installation a breeze. A screwdriver is categorized by its dips tips or nut drivers, which are shaped to fit the driving surfaces, grooves, slots, recesses, etc.

10. Concrete Moisture Measuring Meter

A concrete moisture meter is a type of moisture meter used by installers of flooring to measure the accurate moisture levels of concrete. These concrete meters have been used for years to measure the moisture content in different substances and materials used in building construction.

11. Motorized Wheelbarrow

A motorized wheelbarrow is essential for allowing one person to transport heavy materials or concrete from point A to point B easily. Whether your machine is tracked or wheeled, its convenient construction lets you carry heavy loads by balancing them on a single wheel.

12. Compaction Buckets

A compaction bucket helps with cost-effective site preparation for projects like water line installation or sewers. It lets you compact the soil without pausing to switch out attachments. As a result, the tools help boost productivity. It also reduces the cost of buying or renting an extra accessory for compaction in any site finishing and preparation application.

13. Power Tubing Cutter

A pipe cutter or power tubing cutter is a tool used by contractors like plumbers or electricians. This tool is a cleaner, faster, and more convenient way of cutting pipe than using a hacksaw. Wheeled pipe cutters are used to cut pipe made from brass, plastic, copper, and thin-walled electrical metal tubing (EMT). It used a lithium-ion battery to drive its spinning cutting head. 

14. Lube Skids

Lube skids are ideal tools for applications where flexibility, mobility, and moderate use are factors. This tool is commonly used in construction for fluid top-offs. This tool is used to store fluids, oils, and greases for safe in-field equipment services without having to leave for routine maintenance. A common lube skid comes with various fluid storage tanks.

14. Job Site Heater

Job site heater is a heating solution for all construction projects in particular in relation to adverse conditions during winter. A job site heater will help contractors to keep working in harsh weather and low temperature while keeping themselves safe and comfortable which will enhance their productivity. 

Bringing above the tools to a job site can help streamline contractors’ operations by saving time and money.

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