Tips for Designing Your Deck

An outdoor space is valuable to most homeowners, and they want it to be a place that is relaxing, and can chill at the end of the day with the family.

When designing your backyard, a big part of it is your deck. There are many important factors to consider when designing your deck, so that you can have an outdoor haven for yourself and guests.

Designing Your Deck

First off, you need to decide on the type of deck you want. There are three types: vinyl, wood, and concrete. Vinyl decks are usually cheaper than other options, they are sturdy and easily cleaned. Wood decks offer excellent visual appeal and durability, with the best looking boards being cedar, teak, or mahogany. They are also somewhat more expensive than vinyl. Concrete decks are heavy duty, with no wood to warp or rot, but they are very slippery when wet.

When deciding where to place your deck, the most important factors are how high it is off the ground, its shape, and if there will be any space between it and other structures in the yard. For example, decks that are higher up off the ground, such as a balcony, will require a steeper staircase to get down from it. Since stairs take up space, this can limit your deck design if they don’t have much room.

In addition to these factors that affect where you place your deck in relation to other structures in the yard, you should also consider how much space you have. You can choose to make your deck one long room, or many smaller rooms. Some decks are only big enough to fit a table and chairs on it, while others may be large enough for an outdoor party with guests


Your deck should be at least ten inches above ground. The area where your deck will sit should be free from plant growth and large rocks that could damage the foundation of your deck. If you are building off a second floor, ensure that the structure is strong enough to bear the weight of the people using it.

All decks should be designed to blend in with your house. This can be accomplished by choosing colors that are similar to the ones used on your home, which will allow your deck to appear as if it is part of the overall structure of your house.


Deck designs should include planter boxes that will help maintain a more even temperature around the area where you intend to build. Planter boxes also contain your deck, making it more difficult for children or pets to wander underneath.

– Ensure that the area where you intend to build is free of plant growth and large rocks.

– Build with colors that match those used on your house so that it appears as if your deck is part of the overall structure.

– Planter boxes help maintain a more even temperature around the area where you intend to build.

– Ensure that your deck is difficult to reach for children or pets by building planter boxes and keeping it elevated off the ground.

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