The World’s Thinnest Portable Laptop Stand by AViiQ

Being the mobile designer I am, and the avid surfer Rob is, we actually do tend to travel quite a bit. Fortunately for us our work can travel with us thanks to the invention of the laptop, and occasionally we find ourself working in the weirdest environments. Laptop stands are always an issue as the better ones are bulky and not really transportable or ‘travel friendly’ while the travel ones are pretty much just plain rubbish. Well that was until I came across this little bad boy. Now we haven’t exactly had a hands on experience with this stand at all (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) it certainly looks like the be all to end all. I think we would certainly use this in our travel arsenal. For the pedantic designers like myself, fret not, the stand do come in 4 flavours, namely: satin black; silver; titanium & white.


Most people don’t realize it but laptops were not meant to be used flat. After years of studies in keyboard ergonomics and the benefits of angled typing has been forgotten. The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is here to bring comfort back to everyday laptop use.


This super portable laptop stand elevates your laptop at a 12 degree angle which makes it ideal for wrist and screen visibility.


Unlike other laptop stands which are big, bulky and hardly portable, the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand folds down to a ridiculously thin 1/4 inch so it can fit perfectly into your laptop bag. Also by elevating your laptop with our notebook stand it acts as a notebook cooling solution to help your computer run better.


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