The Visual Language of Contrast

Susanna Foppoli sent us images of her recent publication that explores the meanings of expressive visual techniques. These techniques are displayed by the means of drawings that make use of the simplest units of visual information, such as the line, the circle, and the square.


The featured visual techniques have been considered as placed on a continuum between polarities that allows for comparisons and admits several degrees of judgment.


In fact, the leading idea is that contrast is vital to the understanding of the meaning of each visual technique, as it is only by making a conceptual reference to a counterforce that their semantic context can be defined.


Size: 20x20cm
Typeface: Avenir
Paper: Colorplan Ice White 135gsm, Moonlight Silver Peregrina Majestic 290gsm (cover)
Production: letterpress (cover), digitally printed, perfect bound


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