• ArtPhoto of Super


    Liam Brazier’s Super illustrations are a cubist celebration of our modern, mythic superheros. The measured approach to the design allows the figure in each portrait to take shape from intersecting angles and lines as well as be differentiated through differing tones of…

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  • OtherPhoto of Intention


    Apple have released this incredibly beautiful video explaining their design process via minimal shape transitions matched with an impeccable score. Here, simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product.

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  • DesignPhoto of The Visual Language of Contrast

    The Visual Language of Contrast

    Susanna Foppoli sent us images of her recent publication that explores the meanings of expressive visual techniques.

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  • ArtPhoto of “Unthings-Things” by Nina Georgieva

    “Unthings-Things” by Nina Georgieva

    Macedonian designer, Nina Georgieva, sent us her latest work titled 'Unthings-Things'.

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