The Very Best Trends In Plumbing Pipe Décor

One of the latest and hottest trends in home interior design is plumbing pipe décor. There are a few trends in particularyou should know aboutif you want your home to look on trend throughout the new year and beyond.

Below are a few of the recent styles you should know about when it comes to plumbing pipe décor. Take time to do your homework before you get started so that you can select the right option that will look best in your home. Have fun with this project and know that with this approach, your house will look very much in style. 

Faucets & Sinks

One idea is to install exposed pipes for your faucetand sink in your bathroom and/orkitchen. Exposed pipes are a lovely look, especially if you choose a material such as copper that trulystands out. Make sure you hire a professional plumber to help you install these pipes such as using an expert company like By doing so, you’ll have confidence that you won’t have any water issues with this unique way of showing off your pipes.


Another one of the very best trends in plumbing pipe décor is to build new bookcases or shelving with it. No longer are pipes solely used for plumbing purposes when you think about how else they can be incorporatedthroughout your home! Thisoption is a great DIY projectto take on if you’re feeling creative and could use some extra storage space in your house. 

Lighting & Fixtures

You can also use plumbing pipes as lighting fixtures in various rooms of your home. The exposed pipes give off an effortless style that will be sure to make your home appear trendier. They’re not only uniquebut also look romantic and will give your rooms that distinctive feature you’ve been searching for. Consider anything from a simple fixture to wall sconces or intricate chandeliers when thinking about your lighting options. 


Never underestimate the ability that painthas to transform the look of your exposed pipes. For instance, you can paint themthe same color as the ceiling so they blend in nicely or you can use a completelycontrasting hue to make sure they’re noticedwhen walking into a room. Also, don’t be afraid to paint your unattractive radiators a bold and trendy color so this piping looks a more on trend in your home. If you decide against paint, you can also turn to decorative pipe covers such as rope or ribbon. 


There’s a lot to think about when considering decorating your home with plumbing pipes since you have so many choices for what to do! However, you should now have a better idea of some of the latest trends so you can quickly narrow down your options and get started with your desired project. What you can’t be is afraid to stand out a bit and take a new approach when it comes to decorating your home.

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