The Value of a Real Estate Mentor

Investing in real estate is a trend that looks quite promising for anyone looking to build wealth.  While it might not be the fastest method, its merits far outweigh any negatives.  How can we get started, though?

One way that a lot of potential investors are taking is finding a mentor.  What do these mentors do, though?  Why are they helpful, and should you bother or are they a waste of time?  Well – I wouldn’t be here today if the latter were true, so be sure to stick around if you want to know what they can bring to the table.

What They Do

Their primary purpose is to provide you with guidance on how to start advertising the properties your clients are looking to sell along with helping you to adjust your overall strategy if there are flaws, as you can see in this article..  They are there to direct how your career will proceed.  That’s why choosing one is so important.

Before we continue, though, just keep this in mind: you’re not guaranteed to get one just because you sign on with a broker.  This is definitely a case of it’s a privilege, not a right. 

Qualities to Look For

As you wonder how to find a real estate mentor, there are some key things you should be on the lookout for.  Naturally, you should try to find someone who is very experienced in this field.  At least ten years of experience at the least is what I would recommend, but more is preferable.  Don’t entrust your career to someone you don’t trust completely!

Next, it’s important that you can connect with them on a basic level as well as on a professional level.  No one wants to spend a bunch of time with someone they dislike.  Common interests in our personal lives and in terms of the properties we are attracted to can really make a difference.  

Additionally, ideally, they will be interested in a similar marketing strategy to you.  This could be something like the digital space, for example.  This way you can learn strategies that you will be able to effectively employ in your own career too.

Finally, consider that you and the person you work with will have a mutual partnership.  Both of you need to have something to gain, and this tends to come in the form of splitting profits from any sales.  It might seem like a painful trade-off at first but learning the ins and outs of the market makes it well worth it.

How to Find Them

As with most things today, the internet is a good place to start.  However, it’s far from the only strategy.  Many budding agents look to their local networks to find a mentor who is nearby.  That’s a part of starting to invest in real estate as well, which you can see here:

The first thing you may want to do is consider your own network.  Do you know many experienced professionals in this industry?  If so, consider touching base with one of them that you get along with.  It’s important that you take the first step, since it’s rare to just be handed the opportunity.

Sometimes you can find events that are dedicated to networking as well.  These might be hosted in person, but several have moved to digital platforms as well.  There’s always a chance that you’ll have an instant connection with someone, so it’s worthwhile to put yourself out there!

Finally, you could try applications or websites like LinkedIn or Facebook, though the former is generally considered more professional.  Both are still solid options.  Try reaching out to those who have similar connections or mutual friends rather than complete strangers.

Other Things to Remember

This is a complicated process.  You probably won’t have a mentor “pick you up” randomly or offer their services for no reason.  Rather, showing some initiative is a better way to attract one.

Make sure you demonstrate how much you value their input, as well.  You can do this in a variety of manners – just don’t take them for granted.  Having a figure like this assist you as you start is an excellent beginning!

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