The Ultimate Guide To Sleek And Simple Bathroom Design

Minimalist design wholeheartedly embraces understated elegance and simplicity and this framework is never more effective than in bathrooms. Striking the balance between sparse and functional is extremely hard to get right, yet utterly enchanting and elegant when perfected.

Glass Elements

Luxurious, custom-made glass bathroom installations are one of, if not the most, effective ways to convey and thus enjoy elegance, simplicity and style. The beauty of transforming your bathroom into one of simplistic serenity is the fact that you can choose sleek and stylish installations that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that will improve your bathroom’s overall functionality and, more often than not, cost-effectiveness. Luxury glass shower screens, such as the wide selection available from Glazewell, are a perfect example of how to upgrade your bathroom to the level of luxury you deserve.

Depending on the layout of your house and any privacy limitations, another truly luxury improvement is to consider transforming the window design. If your bathroom demands a certain level of privacy, this does not mean that the windows cannot be beautifully designed with style in mind and an eye-catching statement piece. There is a plethora of obscured glass options for your bathroom windows and replacing clear glass with obscured glass is a cost-effective upgrade which keeps privacy in mind.


In all areas of interior design, white is generally considered to be the epitome of elegance and modernity, with an all-white color scheme perfect for achieving clean lines and the sleek aesthetic that one desires.

To prevent an all-white bathroom from becoming too clinical, consider a geometric pattern for a feature tile border running through the center of your bathroom tiles. The addition of an ornate yet simple large luxurious bathmat with a rug-like aesthetic contributes to bringing your minimalistic bathroom to life.

For a truly decadent and sleek aesthetic finish, accent your all-white themed bathroom with brass fixtures and fittings. Brass will add instant warmth and depth so keep it simple, with brass taps, handles and lighting fixtures providing an elegant edge.


Deep cleaning your bathroom and ensuring all toiletries and products are tidied away yet still easily accessible will greatly help transform your bathroom into the oasis of calm you desire.

Be brutal when decluttering; consider using half-empty bottles of products on your body lavishly in one go or alternatively donating them to friends and family. Small trinkets such as candle holders and ornate yet empty reed diffusers gathering dust on the windowsill should be donated or recycled and instead invest in one or two simple centerpieces. Succulents or houseplants work beautifully on a bathroom windowsill and bring a touch of nature inside. Vanity units and mirrors concealing built-in shelving will both assist you in minimizing clutter and help to create an illusion of space.

Tiles and Flooring

Scandinavian bathrooms showcase the absolute optimum in sleek and chic bathroom tiles. Pure white, midnight black or cool greys are the color palette to use in a minimalist bathroom. Stone bathroom flooring is an increasingly popular style choice for luxury bathrooms and, as natural stone is by default particularly porous, it is recommended to consider marble or limestone as a base material for your tiles.

Marble tiles for flooring are timeless, add significant value to your property and make your bathroom feel more elegant and classic; essentially, they are the ultimate in luxury. The only downside to choosing marble for your bathroom flooring is the nature of the material means you need to regularly and thoroughly clean the floor to avoid stains, streaks and moisture damage.


In order to soften cooler tiles, consider using timber or other soft woods for the bathroom furniture or, to heighten the look further, furniture painted in cool icy colors. Alternatively, a mix of marble and stone gives your bathroom that desirable mix of simplicity and luxury, as one would experience in a Scandinavian spa.

Installing furniture with built-in storage will greatly maximize your bathroom, whilst simultaneously reinforcing the desired pared back and refined aesthetic appearance. Practicality is also key and a beautiful option is to take inspiration from Japanese interiors, such as cabinet doors in the style of traditional shoji screens.

Sleek, minimalist bathroom designs concentrate on simple shapes, practical storage, clean white and neutral tones, style and overall functionality. Not only do these style of bathrooms remain timelessly fashionable, they will provide you and your family with the highest levels of relaxation, tranquility and serenity that you truly deserve.

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