The Ultimate Guide To Designing Your Dental Office

Any commercial place of business needs to be designed to maximize the flow of customers and ensure the business is as productive as possible. This means it is essential to take your time creating the right design plan. 

This has always been more relevant to the health sector and is especially so with the additional precautions that a pandemic brings. Fortunately, the following guide will help you to create the perfect dental office. 

Consider Professional Help

A dental office is a relatively simple affair. However, there are a surprising number of pitfalls that you should be aware of and avoid. This is why you should consider talking to a firm that specializes in dental fitouts

This is especially true if you’re designing your first dental office. But, even if you’ve had several, allowing a professional firm to create the design leaves you free to focus on what matters, your consumers. 


One area that is easily overlooked is space. People need to be able to move comfortably past each other when entering and leaving your office. You also need to ensure there is a large enough area to accommodate several waiting patients and a table for magazines. 

Alongside the customer space, you need to ensure there is enough room for you to get around the dental chair and that your dental office has all the equipment you need without looking crowded. This means working out what needs to go into the room and deciding the size of the room based on the equipment level.

Modern Equipment

While looking at equipment it is important to allow room in your budget for the very latest dental equipment. It will inspire confidence in your practice and will allow you to give your customers the very best possible treatment  

Kid Area

Children are important to dentists. Not only is it important to look after your teeth from a young age, but you’ll also be creating lifetime customers

To keep children amused and the parents happy, you need a dedicated children’s waiting area. This should have enough play items to prevent the children from disturbing other patients. You may also need specialist equipment to give the children the best possible care.


Your customers need to know instinctively where they need to go. Signs can be helpful to confirm they have the right sense of direction. But, it’s critical that they naturally move in the right direction. This prevents them from getting flustered and helps you to do the best job possible. 

Receptionist Desk

This is a key part of your dental office. Every customer needs to feel welcomed. However, they also need to feel that they have the necessary privacy to discuss personal matters without the entire waiting room hearing them. 

You need to design the reception desk so that it faces away from the main waiting room but can still see everyone and keep an eye on things.

Don’t forget, you may be starting with very few patients but you’re certain to want the practice to grow.

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