The Top Interior Décor Trends around the World

‘The past several years have seen numerous variations across interior trends when it comes to aspects such as; colour, pattern, light, special use, etc. Some of these trends have managed to stick around and become staples in design around the world while others were simply fleeting. Are you looking to find inspiration for your latest home interior decorating project? Read more to take a look The Top Interior Décor Trends around the World. 


This first trend is inspired by the Japanese love of nature. This is an attempt caused by an increase in environmental awareness and a general preference for clean, organic choices in all parts of life, be it personal care and lifestyle products or revamped home and work designs. Due to the overpopulation of Japan most urban homes, especially in the capital of Tokyo, are on a smaller scale and do not possess their own gardens. This means that they try to bring nature into their homes by decorating with plants and flowers. As well as the natural, the classic Japanese design encourages minimalism (the approach that encourages the idea that “less is more”), which is believed to have deep roots within ancient Zen philosophy. Sliding paper screens are commonly used in Japanese homes to divide rooms instil privacy while embracing the simplistic ideal, whilst creating a flexible space at the same time. With these style conventions, the interior décor inspires a feeling of tranquillity. 


Cycladic design is placed within the home by coating walls with a cement type mixture, is currently a popular look in Greece. It is considered ideal for renovations as it can be applied thinly over the previous surface. It creates an aesthetic where any space or room can look like a sculpture. After all, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Greece is its famous architecture, and so it is only right that it be favoured and incorporated into the interior design, this has been done for centuries and architecture will continue to influence the interior design trends of Greece. As well as its architecture, it is more specifically famous for its marble pillars, bright white dome top homes, and classic Mediterranean décor. Going into the county’s gorgeous scenery; its crystal clear waters, striking backdrops perfect for any photograph (no filter needed), and heartening culture. With only a few of its wonders mentioned, it continues to draw those with a romantic and adventurous spirit to its shores. From the columns that decorate temples all over Greece, to popular styles like the key pattern, the Greek style continues to combine tradition with modern styles.


Ever since the industrial revolution, the tradition of handcrafting has decreased, but designers, as well as others within the art industry, are trying to recover this tradition. An important aspect of Indian interior design to inspire feelings of welcome within the home is the use of warm colours like yellow, red and purple – the most commonly used colours within most Indian households. These colours work together with patterns that brighten up the home and tie in with the aim of restoring Indian craft traditions. Finally, a traditional Indian home is nearly always equipped with an incense burner and religious sculptures.

Trends come and go. Though some are so iconic and timeless, they influence interior decorating trends through generations. Which interior designing style from around the world is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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