The Odin

Seattle-based designer  Michelle Moy loves dogs but grew tired of watching her dog, Odin, chew through and discard toy after toy. What seems natural these days, she took to Kickstarter with her believe that she could make something better.

“Lots of dog toys work well, but they’re eyesores. They look juvenile and childish, in bright colors. They stand out in people’s homes.”


The 3D printed Odin is a dog toy that’s attractive to both dogs & humans. It’s modular puzzle toy – you can fill it with treats, and give your four-legged friend an endless entertainment option.

The Odin is available for pre-order here for $25 – if the project is fully funded, it’s expected to be delivered by April 2015.

You can also check out their website at http://www.updogtoys.com.


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