The Hottest Trends in Window and Door Designs to Watch For

With people’s dependence on social media and the internet, people are finding their home design inspiration from lifestyle bloggers and influencers. People are constantly changing and updating the interior and exterior of their homes based on what is trending on the internet. From clean, white decor paired with bamboo flooring and lush plants to burgundy walls and leather furniture, people are creating spaces based on aesthetically pleasing images found online. With that being said, many people don’t think to focus on the windows and doors in their home as they redesign. People are often hyper-focused on decor, wall color, flooring, and furniture in a space, and they often don’t think about the design of their windows or doors. However, window and door design are just as crucial to a room’s overall aesthetic.

If you are looking to add to the appearance of your space by updating your doors and windows you’ve come to the right place. This post will detail the hottest trends in window and door design that you can incorporate into your interior design today. 

What’s New in Window and Door Design?

Here are some of the most current and gorgeous window and door trends to incorporate into your home. 

Integral Blinds

What are integral blinds? Integral blinds also referred to as, between the glass blinds, are blinds that are placed between the pieces of glass on a window, instead of on the outside of the glass. These blinds are increasing in popularity as they offer vast benefits such as durability and light blocking technology. 

In regards to the trendiness of these blinds, they are modern looking and a great addition to a chic or cozy room. There are various colors and styles of these kinds of blinds, and because of their versatility, they are a hot trend for all rooms of a home. 

Barn Doors

Barn doors can completely transform a room. Installing a barn door/doors in your home, whether that’s on the entrance to your home, in between your office and the family room, or as your bedroom door, a barn door can make your home look luxurious and chic, while also adding a rustic and authentic feel to the space.

Barn doors come in a variety of different colors and styles; however, almost all are made out of some kind of durable wood. Many people are opting for white or black stained barn doors for the interior of their home. The kind of barn door design you choose will be based on where you want this new door trend installed.

Side Panels Paired With Drapery

Side panels on windows are a classic choice for homeowners as they can be placed in almost any room. However, now people are doubling up on window coverings and paring side panels with drapery. This window trend is great for any room of the home but is especially popular in bedrooms and family rooms where double-light-blocking will be beneficial.

Drapes can be left open or closed. If this a trend you are interested in, consider pairing plain panels with colorful or printed drapes.

Full Glass Double Doors

Glass double doors have always been a popular option for homes that had some sort of deck attached, however, double glass doors are now being installed all over the home. Double glass doors make a room appear more open and bright. Many people are installing this chic door trend in their bedrooms and in between living and family rooms.

If you are considering this door trend, to make it even more beautiful, think about choosing glass doors that feature dark molding around them. This will make your double glass doors look even more luxurious and authentic. 

Incorporate The Latest Trends Into Your Home Design 

As you plan to redesign a space, or as you look for ways to add to your interior, keep these windows and design tips in mind. The way you style your windows and doors can make or break your interior- do your best to use window and door trends to your advantage. 

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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