The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Minimalist Bathroom Design

In recent years, the minimalistic theme has taken the world by storm. More people are taking the less is more route when it comes to designing their spaces. Apart from the soothing minimalism aesthetic, you’ll end up with a cleaner and easier-on-the-eyes room with an illusion of extra space.  

So, if you want to start your minimalistic journey, your bathroom is the typical room. Here, you can incorporate unconventional designs that look clean and uncluttered. However, this doesn’t mean being boring but rather unique and creative.  

By choosing a minimal design, you’ll have to kiss the unflattering objects, hordes of products, and décor goodbye. Minimalism can be aesthetically pleasing without undermining function.  

So, to achieve a sleek and simple minimalistic design that’ll refresh your space, you first need to understand the dos and don’ts. Below are some key points to consider when going minimal. 


  • Choose Modern Elements 

Most minimalistic designs go hand in hand with modern elements. This is because minimalism and modernism both feature elements with sleek designs and clean lines. For instance, you can choose basins for sale made with ceramic or neutral granite in a modern shape.  

Another modern element is the different mirror shapes that create a streamlined modern look. Some great options are square or rectangle-shaped mirrors with fun accents like gold lining.  

  • Consider A Floating Vanity 

For a simple and less overwhelming look, consider floating vanities. This design choice can help you achieve a minimal look as your vanity doesn’t stick to the floor, thus preventing the feeling of bulkiness which is a minimalist must-have.  

By choosing floating vanity, you’ll walk into an airy, neat, and uncluttered space which is the main element of minimalism. Consider adding the right lighting above the vanity to tie the entire look together and make it glamorized. This will highlight the sink area and faucet.  

  • Keep It Neutral 

You can never go wrong with neutrals, especially when sticking to a minimalistic design. Most modern designs utilize a neutral color pallet, and incorporating this in your bathroom will create a refined minimalist look. 

So, choose a neutral color palette for your countertops, fixtures, tiles, accents, and paint. This means also including neutral fabrics along with tailored furnishings.  

  • Be Intentional with Décor 

Minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t add décor to your bathroom space. It, however, means minimizing junk and keeping it personal. The key to keeping it minimal is being intentional about the placement.  

This means breaking up your white space by using darker colors and patterns to balance your simplicity. For instance, consider adding a plant or painting that fits your minimal vision and brings spice into your bathroom. 

  • Invest In Good Lighting 

Good lighting can make a great difference in a minimalist bathroom. To avoid the sterile feel in your space, consider getting a beautiful set of lights that adds a warm glow to the room. When looking for good lighting, you’re spoilt for choice as there are many. This means going for an option with a glow that accentuates the room.  

  • Choose Simple Tiles 

Choosing the wrong tile might make your bathroom look too busy and cramped, which is the opposite of minimal. But with the right tile, the character of your bathroom will be amplified while maintaining the simple look. If you have white fixtures or walls, consider getting a tile that stands out, this will create a minimalistic look with a touch of texture.  


  • Avoid Adding Borders 

With minimalist designs not going well with cramped-looking spaces, adding borders won’t be ideal. The lines on the borders will close the room, making it cramped. Therefore, you might have to say goodbye to your framed partitions for glass or frameless shower doors. This way, you’ll have partitions without losing that open look. 

  • Avoid Too Much Color 

Having different colors in your bathroom will give it a busy look. This goes against what minimalism embodies. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add pops of color to your space. The right pop of colors won’t overwhelm your space but will add a nice accent to your bathroom. 

  • Ditch the Tub 

If your bathroom is small, it can be hard to work with a minimalist design in a bathroom with a tub. Therefore, consider letting go of the tub and opting for a seating shower area. This way, you’ll maintain floor space and spend some leisure time in the bathroom.  

Bottom Line 

Although the minimalistic aesthetic has become popular in recent years, there’s a lot of misconception about how it should look. A minimalistic bathroom design doesn’t mean giving up all the elements you love. It means designing a space that represents you in a simpler version. So, when designing a minimalist bathroom, go for clean lines, modern accents, and clutter-free décor. 

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