The Best Customer Reviews of Homelister

If you are looking for the easiest and most profitable way to sell your home, then look no further than HomeLister.

Dubbed as the “future of home selling”, you are empowered to simplify the process of selling your home and save thousands of dollars in the process. It is an all-in-one hub that lets you list your home, advertise your home, show off your home, sign contracts, and make all the important decisions yourself.

While the world may have hit the pause button in many industries, the real estate market has not slowed down. In fact, it has spiraled upwards and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon! This may in large part be a result of people realizing that they need a change of scenery, an upgrade in their home, or just something different for the sake of taking control back in life.

If you are someone who is considering selling your home, for whatever reason that may be, then you should look no further than HomeLister. Not only is it absolutely free to list, but you will receive incredible customer service along the way.

We could go on and on about how great this online service is. But instead, we thought we would let the homelister reviews speak for themselves. So we have rounded up real reviews from real people who have successfully sold their homes through this online service. If they can find success from it, surely you will too!

1. 90% of people agree!

Numbers don’t lie. And the statistics show that out of the 104 reviews that Homelister has received, 90% of them rank the service as ‘excellent and 6% ranking as ‘great’. In comparison, less than 2% rated it as ‘average’ or ‘bad’. While numbers and data can of course be objective, we think the proof is in the pudding with these numbers and that if 96% of the users are more than satisfied, the probability is high that you will too!

2. The ‘hassle-free’ review

One of the most recent reviews for HomeLister confirms that the online service is indeed hassle-free. Jessica claims that every step listed was extremely easy to follow and the results were fast. In fact, she says she sold her home in under two weeks and only ended up paying $599 in total. Hassle-free and saving money at the same time—that is what HomeLister is all about!

3. The happiness review

It is always a great sign when other users are happy. And this review from Marcia exudes pure happiness. She was happy with the reasonable prices. She was happy with the customer service support. And she was extremely happy with how much money she saved. In fact, she was so happy that she recommended you use the online platform too!

4. The inclusivity review

It is so important for companies to cater to all people, regardless of their disabilities. This review from S.N. expresses appreciation and recognition for the online platform’s extra effort in ensuring that those with disabilities can go through the same hassle-free process as well and feel the same results of happiness.

5. The referral review

We said it once and we’ll say it again—referrals are everything! Ali’s review explains how her daughter recommended the service and is so thankful that she did. She was more than impressed with the quality of images, especially that it resulted in not even having to organize any open homes. She saved thousands of dollars in her sale that otherwise would have gone to a real estate agent. And she agrees that HomeLister is the future of selling homes.

6. The customer services review

Homelister often gets acknowledged for its impeccable customer service. And this review from Cloudy was no different. He was more than impressed with the photographer who took images for his listing and was blown away by the customer service support he received along the way. In fact, he couldn’t believe how quickly their turnaround time was for communication with customers. He recommends it, we recommend it and this review should seal the deal in committing to sell your own home on this platform too!

7. The sales pitch review

We love it when someone is so passionate about sharing their experience with a company that they basically write a sales pitch to their friends and followers. This review from Mary was no different. She goes into great detail listing the logistics of the process and gives a step by step process of her own experience.

It is always important to do your research on a company before engaging with them by researching their customer reviews. And these ones all tell us one thing—HomeLister is the future of real estate and the only way you should ever sell your home!

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