The Beauty of Having Minimalist Art at Home

Many aspects of our lives are consumed in the pursuit of excess. From accumulating more wealth and possessions to going above and beyond what is expected of us in our relationships, we are spending more to have more just to feel more. 

It can however, be argued that people accumulate more than what they need in an attempt to pursue comfort and security. This way of thinking is more visible in the homes that people build. To most people, comfort and security mean larger homes, more rooms, and of course, more functional and decorative items scattered throughout the house.

But more does not always equal beautiful. If there’s anything that TV shows like Hoardersand Tidying Up with Marie Kondohave proven, accumulating a lot of stuff robs us of joy and leaves less room for us to enjoy other pursuits. 

This is what the minimalist movement is trying to achieve. By owning less, we have more. More time, more space, more joy. But for people with a maximalist approach to interior design this can be a bit crippling, as minimalism can initially feel restrictive. But the beauty in minimalism lies in being able to express a lot using only a few things.

In interior design, one of the common interior decorating techniques is to hang art on walls as a way to add more personality, color, or style to a room. But with most homes nowadays featuring smaller spaces, using a rather ornate art piece can make the room feel even smaller and more busy. This can create a lot of visual noise and tension, making it difficult to focus on appreciating the intended purpose of the room. 

Minimalist art serves the intended purpose of why art is placed around the room without taking the focus away from the overall feel of the room’s design. Minimalist art places focus on the intended purpose of the room, serving only to complement the space it has been placed in and helping to set the mood of the room. In doing so, there is an overall sense of peace and joy whenever someone steps into the room. And with so many aspects of our lives being taken over by the fast pace of technology, having a room with less noise can provide us with respite from the rest of the world.

While there are a ton of minimalist artists and art pieces out there, gaining access to minimalist art does not have to break the bank. Because minimalist art focuses on the feel, the mood, the story and purpose behind the piece, it isn’t necessary to purchase a luxurious art installation or wall art. Numerous minimalist artworks available for personal use can be found online for next to nothing. Minimalist versions of popular movie posters can be used to inject personality into a home using online printing services

But because not everything that is free online speaks to an individual on a personal level, it is also advisable to tap into your artistic side and create minimalist art from scratch. The process of painting minimalist art or creating a minimalist sculptural piece can be very therapeutic and relaxing while adding minimalist vibes to a room that is very personal and significant.

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