The All New Bamboo Puzzle Laptop Stand

Wha-hey-hey! These laptop stands are not only minimal but seem green as you can get (that is unless you discount the whole copping down trees to make them nonsense.) I tell you I could certainly do with one now blogging on a VERY non-ergonomic table in front of the TV watchin’ Louis CK drinking a glass of wine. Better hurry though, it looks like there’s only 1 left!


Enhance your workspace bigtime with a limited budget.


The new laptopstands have a beautiful engraved logo, they are also smoother than ever before and show their origin with more pride thanks to the larger bamboo texture.


Let me sum up the main advantages:
* gives you an ergonomic working posture (you need keyboard & mouse)
* compatible with all laptops (no matter which size)
* robust shape made from sustainable bamboo & 100% natural coating
* keeps your laptop cooler (use less energy & keep processing full speed)
* gives you extra desk space under your laptop
* holes for cable management
* space to store your keyboard
* with use on it’s side to save space & keep laptop cool
* puzzle shape for minimal material use & flat transportation
* it can also function as a potholder, bookstand or sculpture


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