The Advantages Of Rough Installing a New Sink Plumbing Layout

If you’ve just moved into a house there is a good chance that you’ll want to redecorate and redesign sections of the home. This is particularly true in the kitchen which remains the center of most homes

Of course, this means that you’re probably going to want to move the sink, relocate or add a dishwasher, and perhaps do something with the washing machine. It’s challenging to calculate a layout that works for you. 

To complete the move most people are going to want the services of a professional, qualified, and reputable plumber Sydney. This will help to ensure the new plumbing arrangements are done properly and you’re not going to experience any leaks. You’d be surprised at how much a leak, such as a dripping faucet, costs per month. 

What Is Rough Installing

Rough installing of a plumbing installation means purchasing all the pieces and putting them together without fastening them properly. That means connecting waste pipes but not gluing them, loosely screwing copper pipes together, or sliding them into connectors. The aim is to be able to take it all apart again.

Of course, you can’t use it like this, it will leak. But, there are several advantages to rough installing a plumbing system:

Knowing It Works

By connecting everything up first you can be certain that the pipes have been cut to the right lengths and everything goes together properly, allowing water to get to the sink and drain away properly.

By doing it this way you’ll be able to pick up on any issues and sort them almost effortlessly. It will also give you a good indication of which joints will be the most complicated and should be done first.

Rough plumbing also allows you to position pipes behind walls and cupboards before they are installed. You can verify the correct positions before the plumbing is made permanent. 

Location of Surrounding Items

Your sink is going to be surrounded by a cupboard, you may even want to put bins on something in the cupboard. Rough installing the plumbing will help you to know what space is occupied and what can be fitted under the sink. This will help you choose the right products.

Alternatively, if you’ve chosen the products you may wish to verify the plumbing is n the right place. If it’s not you still have the opportunity to move it.

The Look

This is particularly relevant if you’re opting for exposed plumbing but, regardless of the final design, rough installing the plumbing first will give you the opportunity to step back and admire it all before it becomes permanent. If it’s not to your tastes you can still change it.

That’s the real beauty of rough installations of any nature, you can easily change them without costing yourself a fortune. That’s much harder to do once the plumbing is completed properly. It can even help you to demonstrate what you want to be done to a professional, allowing them to commission your system properly for you.

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