Takeout Tips for Your Next Chinese Food Craving

Americans have loved ordering Chinese take-out food for decades. When the coronavirus pandemic severely limited their dining choices during parts of 2020 and 2021, their love for Chinese take-out increased even more. Despite the popularity of ordering Chinese food to go, people sometimes forget to factor in the portability of the meal and may have a disappointing take-out experience.

For example, some foods taste best when served on a plate and eaten with chopsticks or standard American utensils. Foods typically served piping hot straight from the kitchen will lose most of the original heat and taste quite different when heated up at home. Soup is another example of Chinese food that can be challenging to transport. Fortunately, numerous other Chinese foods travel quite well. This blog highlights just a few of them.

Beef Pancakes

Beef pancakes are among some of the simplest types of Chinese food to eat on the go. The outer layer consists of flaky baked dough, while the inside holds beef, scallions, and vegetables. Similar to a taco or gyro, people can eat Chinese beef pancakes with their hands with no silverware or plates required.

Crab Rangoon

Shaped like a starfish with a crispy exterior, crab rangoon contains mostly cream cheese. People love crab rangoon for the sharp contrast of biting into a crisp shell filled with creamy cheese sauce. Like beef pancakes, crab rangoon is a handheld food that is easy to eat wherever they need to be.

Honey Sesame Chicken

This dish contains crisp baked chicken pieces flavored with honey sauce and adorned with sesame seeds. The meat sits on top of a serving of steamed white rice. The simplicity of a meal made with just rice and meat makes honey sesame chicken a favorite among people who enjoy ordering Chinese take-out food.

Peking Duck

Although Americans often shy away from eating meats not part of their mainstream culture, most love Peking duck once they get past that initial hesitation. The flavor is similar to chicken except that it is more tender and flavorful. The preparation process for Peking duck takes over 24 hours and ends with the chef cutting the meat into very thin slices. People can order the meat on its own or pair it with another easily transportable food.

Spicy Shrimp

Chefs prepare this take-out favorite by cutting shrimp into small pieces and then adding intense spices while baking it. Several other ingredients surround the meat, including sauteed celery, chopped red chili peppers, and crispy potatoes. For people who live only a short drive from the restaurant, their spicy shrimp meal should still be warm when they get it home.

The Experience of Eating Authentic Chinese Food from the Comfort of Home

Dining in a Chinese restaurant is a great way to take in the full experience of a different culture while enjoying new culinary pursuits at the same time. Even so, the food tastes just as good at home for those who prefer to remain in their own comfortable surroundings while enjoying a great meal.

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