• DesignPhoto of Nihon Typeface

    Nihon Typeface

    The Nihon type family builds the bridge between the western and the eastern typography and allows you to write and read in latin letters with an Japanese appearance. All latin letters were abstracted and completely new designed following the visual…

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  • DesignPhoto of Helvetica Beer

    Helvetica Beer

    Well isn’t this just a double barrel of awesomeness… Who doesn’t love beer? And if you’re even reading this website then there is a pretty high chance you love Helvetica too. Russian designer Sasha Kischenko has merged these two loves…

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  • DesignPhoto of Beautiful & Bold Visual Identity ~ Michał Bohdankiewicz

    Beautiful & Bold Visual Identity ~ Michał Bohdankiewicz

    From Wroclaw, Poland designer Michał Bohdankiewicz has crafted the most beautiful visual identity for himself.

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