Nihon Typeface

The Nihon type family builds the bridge between the western and the eastern typography and allows you to write and read in latin letters with an Japanese appearance.


All latin letters were abstracted and completely new designed following the visual language of the traditional Japanese Inkan-Seals which have been around for more than 1500 years. These were used as official signatures for papers, artworks or the traditional Ukiyo-e woodblock prints.


To adapt the elegance and diversity of the Japanese typography, each letter will adjust its look depending on the next letter following. To make this possible, Nihon has access to a glyph library of more than 1200 ligatures for each font.


For this who love Japanese and eastern typography but can’t write it.

Now you can and it looks as beautiful as the original.


The Nihon Typeface has an introductory offer until 28 September 2014.

Now available on!

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