• BlogPhoto of 4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

    4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

    I’m all about making your life easier however you can. Modern life is hard, we have to juggle so  much. Long gone are the days where we’d have one partner working, and one at home with the kids and managing…

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  • ArtPhoto of Lights In Chicago

    Lights In Chicago

    Satoki Nagata’s collection, Lights In Chicago, is compelling photography because of its poignant simplicity. The project is an ongoing exercise in showcasing the silhouettes of strangers as they walk the wintered streets of Chicago. Backlit by an off-camera flash in the distance,…

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  • ArtPhoto of Man On Earth

    Man On Earth

    British photographer Rupert Vandervell captured these poignant images of solitary human figures against black and white urban backgrounds. Charting the movement of human life through ever-changing cityscapes, Man On Earth is bittersweet, expressing our inherent solitude in an ever-expanding world. The beautiful…

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  • OtherPhoto of Whale Fall (The After Life of a Whale)

    Whale Fall (The After Life of a Whale)

    A really great (informative) story about what happens to a whales body after it dies.

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