• HomePhoto of Cube Chair

    Cube Chair

    Designer Per Jensen spent time studying the shape of a cube and wondering what kind of chair could be designed from it. The first exploration led to Anna Marta, a pine chair with angled slats that present a graphic pattern.…

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  • BlogPhoto of Sugr Speaker

    Sugr Speaker

    With these powerful little cubical speakers, you can get a party started anywhere! Designed in wood, which is the audiophile’s choice for speaker construction, the Sugr Cube packs a punch; and not just that, it has a companion app for…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of House Philipp

    House Philipp

    House Philipp by Philipp Architekten looks over a spectacular landscape through glazed, frameless windows. Perched atop a small mountain ridge in Southern Germany, the architecture of the house was designed to harmonize with nature. The interior and exterior blend into one…

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  • HomePhoto of Minimal Cube Planters by Score + Solder

    Minimal Cube Planters by Score + Solder

    You could probably never have enough plants in your home. Unless you lived in the jungle or a greenhouse I guess.

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