carbon fiber

  • HomePhoto of Stealth


    Previous mmminimal submitter Eleven Ravens, purveyors of premier, unique table tennis tables, have returned with yet another innovative and exciting design – the Stealth, a darkly sleek table tennis table composed of jet craft aluminium and carbon fiber. Inspired by the…

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  • OtherPhoto of Peugeot Surfboard

    Peugeot Surfboard

    The Peugeot Surfboard has the appearance of being able to carve through waves as effortlessly as the premium boards in the world. A blend of natural wood and the latest in carbon fiber technology, the board has been designed to…

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  • OtherPhoto of Snow-Cat Snowmobile

    Snow-Cat Snowmobile

    The Snow-Cat Snowmobile is an epic concept design that seems to have been channeled from a future where form and function have amalgamated into something awesome. Designer Kiran Pal Sagoo tossed aside the gas-powered engine, instead going with a fuel-cell electric power-train…

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  • HomePhoto of Agile A1 Office Table by MAST 3.0

    Agile A1 Office Table by MAST 3.0

    This futuristic table design looks like it literally came from the future.

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  • HomePhoto of Corcel N°1 – Corpo Celeste ~ Heavenly Body

    Corcel N°1 – Corpo Celeste ~ Heavenly Body

    For those who know me definitely know that I am somewhat obsessive about my bathing. Nothing wrong with some quality bath salts and relaxation mode on max.

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