• DesignPhoto of Anaptár 2017 Calendar

    Anaptár 2017 Calendar

      Anaptár is a unique, informative poster calendar. Actually it is much more than a traditional calendar. It provides lots of information beside enumerating days: visualizing data on the Sun and the Moon in a new way the calendar shows the movement…

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  • DesignPhoto of Cosmic Calendar

    Cosmic Calendar

    Calendars are usually quite boring, right. And physical calendar just don’t hold up to apps anymore. But here’s something that might tickle your fancy. The 2016 Anaptár calendar is part data visualization, part gorgeous artwork and day tracker. Connect with the Sun, the Moon, and…

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  • HomePhoto of Calendar Tape

    Calendar Tape

    Year Round set of printed masking tapes from mo man tai and includes eight rolls of tape that let you plan a project or the next year out. The tape can be arranged anyway you want so that it works with your schedule, whether you…

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  • DesignPhoto of Wall Calendar by Populärpapier

    Wall Calendar by Populärpapier

    Absolutely love this wall calendar by Populärpapier.

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