Cosmic Calendar

Calendars are usually quite boring, right. And physical calendar just don’t hold up to apps anymore. But here’s something that might tickle your fancy. The 2016 Anaptár calendar is part data visualization, part gorgeous artwork and day tracker. Connect with the Sun, the Moon, and the cosmos.

The 366 days of 2016 are arranged counterclockwise, like tiny slivers in a pie. A symbol above each day indicates the lunar phase; tracing around the year, you can see when each full moon is coming and plan your occult activities accordingly. Toward the center of the calendar, simple line plots trace the moon’s distance to Earth and its declination. Significant days of the lunar cycle, as well as equinoxes, solstices and major holidays are marked along the calendar’s radial axis.

The more you stare at the calendar, the more layers of information became apparent. Shading across the center of the wheel, for instance, indicates sunrise and sunset. Obvisouly this requires localised versions, so the Anaptár 2016 calendar has versions adapted for Berlin, Budapest, London, New York, Vienna and Copenhagen. It was created by graphic designer Anna Farkas and can be ordered online through the Anagraphic website:

cosmic-calendar-2 cosmic-calendar-3 cosmic-calendar-4 cosmic-calendar-5 cosmic-calendar-6 cosmic-calendar-7 cosmic-calendar-8

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