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    3D Printed Vases

    Combining 3D printing technology with upcycling, Milan-based designer Libero Rutilo created a series of vases that give PET bottles a second chance at life and are only made up of the external shell. That way, your half liter bottles can slip inside to…

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  • OtherPhoto of adidas & Parley: Ocean Plastic Shoes

    adidas & Parley: Ocean Plastic Shoes

    adidas and Parley for the Oceans announced a new collaboration at a recent press event in New York. It’s about a 3D-printed concept shoe, constructed with ocean plastic content for the upper and a 3D printed midsole using recycled polyester and gill net content. The 3D-printed Ocean Plastic…

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  • BlogPhoto of Meet Easton LaChappelle

    Meet Easton LaChappelle

    Easton LaChappelle taught himself robotics and combined open source designs with 3D printing to create a completely functional prosthetic arm. Humbling and inspiring.

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